Computers: Buy or DIY?

Computers: Buy or DIY?

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Computers: Buy or DIY?

As we know, computer is very important in our daily life. We can’t live without computer, since it gives us entertainment, gives us a working place, and gives us a media to communicate to the world. However, not many peoples know how to choose a computer. Many peoples spent a lot to buy a computer but the configuration is like garbage. We can buy a factory built computer from some big company, but the configuration will be not much flexible. We can buy the computer with more selective items. I call it semi-DIY system, since it is more flexible and close to our need. And DIY is the most flexible method to get the computer. Building a computer system is easy and we don’t need to have some professional knowledge. Follow the instruction of the study book, and your dramatic system comes out. But how can we choose a good computer from the webpage?

I choose the factory system from, semi-DIY system from, and search the DIY components from and at the lowest price. We can get the most popular computer in the first two pages and the DIY component in the last two pages.

In, we have to do two steps to get into the page that selling desktop computers. First we have to choose home and home office product, then goes to the products desktop page. In the desktop selling page, it’s clearly show their systems on the right hand side and the special offer and new feature on the left. On each model it shows, they give the simple configuration with the price. Then they have a button to go to a page that shows the full configuration of the system. On each full configuration page, there is several customized system on show but we still can customize ourselves by click the link on the bottom. In the customize page, what we can switch is everything, from the CPU, Hard Drive or OS to the services support from DELL. Also, we can add accessories as we need. After customization, we can see the new price by clicking the update price button. From the above instruction, I can say that is selling the computer in an effective and easy way. The well perform of the system in the clear way is very powerful. Also the page structure is clean that looks comfortable.

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On the bottom of the page, there is a button to enlarge the text for the disability. It is a very kind design.

Let see the The first impression is beautiful. Design of the button is cyber and clear. The structure of the page is clear too. It has the promotion section on top and the general categories beside the promotion section. Below that, it has a box to show all system by name under the general category, and customer service on the right. If we search a desktop computer in the main page, we have to click on the “desktop system” button beside the promotion section. In the desktop page, first it shows the award winning of the systems. Then there is a link to tell customer how to choose their appropriate system in They rank their system performance by feature in that link and there is a very good design of the page is to compare performance with your computer. When we click one the analyst button on the bottom, it pop up a window to compare the performance of the system you choose and the performance of the computer you are using. It shows the compared performance you get on the new system and the component comparison. Let’s get back to the desktop page. After choosing the system, we can do similar thing as in that we can customize the system by ourselves. But it has a very good feature of the page that every time you switch the component, the price will change immediately. Most of the page using the white color as the background and look comfortable, also the feature are more suitable for the customer who are looking for a very good performance computer.

Comparing these two pages, they both have their strength. can give some convenient feature to the disable and the system is cheaper, but is more beautiful and knows more clearly the different between you computer and their system. What about the DIY system?

The two pages I choose to search the component are totally different to Dell’s and Alienware’s pages. and is just giving out the link to the place that we can get the cheap products. In, the items are separate by date, but we can set the range of date to search the items. Since is not only search for computer component, the items on the page seem mess up together and lack of well arrangement. So it is pretty hard to focus searching on computer product. In, every item are well arrange in different categories. It puts all categories on the page, and goes to appropriate page by ourselves. In each entry, it will show up all the items with the lowest starting price. And we can get the items information, price with shipping and dealer information in each item link. The items are sorted by price or we can use their search engine to search by brand. I can not tell these two pages are user friendly, but we can get the items in more than 50% off.

By comparing these four pages, I separate them into two groups. One is the DIY components search pages, and the other is dealer’s pages. If customers who think they can build they own system, I will recommend the DIY search pages, since it is a lot cheaper. If customers want to get computer in the easiest way, dealer’s pages is the best, because they have good customer services and technique support and the system are very easy to choose from the page.
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