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Self Taught Guitarist I believe that every person has the ability to learn how to play an instrument. With enough practice, dedication and the right information, which is easy to asses via the web, you can accomplish almost anything. There are many web sites dedicated to all guitar playing levels. It is just a matter of finding the right one (or ones) for your needs and areas of improvement. Out of most web sites that I researched, there are two that I choose to talk about. These are and Both of these websites have very good and extensive information that could keep any guitarist of any level entertained for weeks. One of the websites is also very interactive, meaning that you can post your own music on the web site for others to see and play. The topics range from beginner’s lessons to scales and even reading music! Both websites use tablature to show their audience different compositions, practice exercises and other user postings. Tablature is a series of six lines which represent the six strings on the guitar. Each line has a specific note which are E, A, D, G, B, and E from the bottom up. Then, numbers are placed on the lines to represent when and where your fingers have to be on the frets. The numbers represent the frets (frets are like keys on a piano) on the guitar and range from one all the way to twenty-two or twenty-four, depending on the guitar that you use (some guitars have twenty two frets and some have twenty-four). A very good aspect of is that it uses the treble clef as well in many of its lessons. The treble clef is a more professional and sophisticated way to write music. It is how Beethoven and J.S. Bach kept their countless inventions and masterpieces alive over so many years. Nevertheless, both of the websites focus on tablature in their beginner’s section, as well as tuning and naming all the parts of the guitar. Their content for a beginning audience is excellent and would facilitate anyone’s first understandings of the mechanics of the guitar. Since every person has their own style of music, the first thing I took into consideration when evaluating and was their assortment of styles to research.

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