Comparing Two Types of Nokia Cell Phones

Comparing Two Types of Nokia Cell Phones

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Comparing Two Types of Nokia Cell Phones

Today, the cell phone has become a common device in the U.S. Almost all people in the U.S. use cell phones. By using these phones, people can be reached everywhere they go. Because of the development of technology, now there are many kinds of cell phones from different brands. Every cell phone company offers their products from the cheapest to the most expensive one with their advantages and disadvantages. So now, people can choose from many types of cell phones.

In this paper, I will compare two different types of cell phone from Nokia. I decided to choose Nokia cell phones because I personally like this brand. It offers many types of cell phones, so we can have many choices when buying a cell phone. I chose Nokia 6600 and 6820 for comparisons because they both are the new products from Nokia.

Like the pictures above show, Nokia 6600 and 6820 have different appearance. Nokia 6600 has a fat and short shape. Its buttons are arranged in a horizontal manner. Nokia 6820 has a thin and long shape. Its buttons are arranged in vertical manner.

They have some differences in the specification. Nokia 6600 has 4.30 ounces weight and 4.28 inches long x 2.29 inches wide x 0.93 inch thick. It has a large color display with 176 X 208 pixel resolution, up to 65,536 colors. In addition, it has internal antenna and vibrating alert and 5-way joystick navigation. It applies the Symbian Operating System 7.0s, Series 60 platform. It uses extended Li-Ion Battery 850 mAh with digital talk time up to 4 hours and digital standby up to 8 days. For the service, Nokia 6600 has service for GSM/GPRS/HSCSD 900/1800/1900 MHz. Nokia 6820 has 3.5 ounces weight, 4.69 inches long x 2.17 inches wide x 0.91 inch thick. It has a high-resolution color display: 128 x 128 pixels, up to 4,096 colors. It also has 5-way joystick for easy navigation, internal antenna and vibrating alert. It uses extended Li-Ion Battery 850 mAh with digital talk time up to 3 hours and digital standby up to 12 days. It has service for GSM 850/1800/1900 MHz or GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz.

They also have different features. In the voice feature, Nokia 6600 has voice dialing and commands, integrated handsfree speakerphone for convenient communication, record and send memos, conversations, and sound clips3, record memos and conversations for up to 90 seconds.

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Nokia 6820 has integrated speakerphone for convenient communication, voice dialing for up to 10 numbers and voice commands for up to 9 available menu items with 5 active at the same time.

Mobile messaging feature is one of the factors that will influence the customer in choosing a cell phone. In the mobile messaging feature, Nokia 6600 has access to work and private email accounts of the users. It provides picture messaging, SMS (Short Messaging Service) and distribution list, so the users can know where they send the SMS. Nokia 6820 has fold-open access to a keyboard that makes text input quick and convenient. It has a phone screen that rotates automatically for easy viewing when the messaging keyboard is accessed. It also provides access to user’s e-mail with major Internet service providers. It can send text, picture and instant messaging and send up to four linked messages with up to 160 characters each. The users can use the distribution list to send a message to multiple recipients and know the predictive text input.

In the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) facility, Nokia 6600 can combine image, video, text and voice clip and send as MMS to a compatible phone or PC. Nokia 6820 allows the users to send and receive messages with image, sound and text but only devices that offer compatible multimedia message or e-mail features can receive and display multimedia messages.

Nokia 6600 and 6820 have different connectivity abilities. Nokia 6600 has mobile Internet - XHTML browser. It can synchronize the user’s contacts and calendar by using SyncML or Nokia PC Suite. It also has wireless modem capability that requires infrared-compatible computer, or Bluetooth wireless technology accessories. Nokia 6820 has Mobile Internet - XHTML browser. It has high-speed data transmission via GPRS or EDGE. It has TTY/TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) compatibility with a phone adapter. With this facility, the deaf can use a cell phone comfortably. The phone can send and receive data via infrared, data cable or Bluetooth technology. It also can synchronize the user’s phone book, calendar and do list with the user’s PC using PC Suite for the Nokia 6820 phone.

The organization of each cell phone just has a little difference. Nokia 6600 has phone book supporting multiple numbers and text entries per contact, full calendar with to-do list and alarm clock with snooze. Nokia 6820 has notepad application for brief notes (up to 3,000 characters), phone book with up to 500 contacts with multiple phone numbers and text entries per contact, calendar with monthly view and to-do list with priority levels.

Both cell phones are completed with digital camera and video recorder with different specification for every cell phone. Nokia 6600 has integrated camera with 640 x 480 pixel resolution; standard, portrait and night mode, 2X digital zoom. It has a bright active matrix TFT color display supporting 65,536 colors. It is also completed with video recorder: selectable picture sizes of QCIF 176 x 144 pixels, or subQCIF 128 x 96 pixels, 2X digital zoom, audio on/off RealPlayer for playback and streaming RealMedia and 3GPP-compliant content. Nokia 6820 has built-in digital CIF camera with image capture: 352 x 288 pixels, high-resolution color display: 128 x 128 pixels, up to 4,096 colors. It is also completed with video recorder to capture and send video clips as email. It also can play video clips using the video player.

If customers want to buy Nokia 6600 with the plan, the price is about $149.99 to $349.99. If they just want the cell phone, the price is $449.99 with a free case. Nokia 6820 with the plan can be bought at $49.99 to $149.99. The cell phone itself can be bought at $379.99 with a free case. The price of Nokia 6600 is relatively more expensive than the price of Nokia 6820.

In conclusion, both cell phones are a good cell phone with high technology. Nokia 6600 has a different shape from Nokia 6820, but they both are attractive. Nokia 6820 has digital talk time and standby that are longer that Nokia 6600 has. Nokia 6600 provides services that are broader than Nokia 6820 services. It is also completed with digital camera with higher resolution color display compare to Nokia 6820. Nokia 6820 provides facility for the deaf, so that they can also use a cell phone comfortably. It also has fold-open access to a keyboard that makes text input quick and convenient. These facilities are not found on Nokia 6600. When the customers consider the price, Nokia 6820 is cheaper than Nokia 6820. After the customers compare Nokia 6600 and 6820, they can choose which a cell phone they will buy according to their preferences.

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