Evaluating Three Cell Phone Websites

Evaluating Three Cell Phone Websites

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Evaluating Three Cell Phone Websites

Today, almost all people use cell phones. After buying a cell phone, people will choose which plan they will use. Now, there are many cell phone service companies in the US, so the cell phone users have to be careful when they choose the plans. Many cell phone service companies provide websites in order to give information to the cell phone users. The ease of use of the website, the information that it gives, the design and the organization of the website are the factors that will influence cell phone users in choosing their plan.

In this paper, I will compare three different websites that contain information about cell phone plans. I chose T-mobile, Verizon and Sprint for comparisons. I chose T-Mobile because I am currently using T-mobile as my cell phone plan. I selected Verizon and Sprint because they are the leading competitors of T-mobile.

The first website is T-Mobile. The T-Mobile website is owned by T-Mobile Company. This website is made to help their old customers to control their accounts and to get new information about T-Mobile. It is also made for the new customers, so that they can get information about T-mobile. Then, they can compare T-Mobile plans with other companies.

The T-Mobile website is very simple and easy to read. It provides two choices, personal and business customers. For the personal choice, there are two options, individual and families, friends and couples. For the business choice, customers can learn and shop their products and services. These will make customers easier to use this website according to their needs. It is also completed with facility for the existing customers to log in into their accounts, so that the customers may check their accounts anytime.

The T-Mobile website contains more information about coverage area and switching plan. The customers also can check the status of their order when they buy the product from T-Mobile. T-Mobile website offers opportunity for the users to find career in T-Mobile. It is such an advantage for the T-Mobile users. Besides those mentioned, this website provides information for the job seekers and the developers. This website also gives information about where the customers can find their store and how they can reach and contact them. Besides that, it also contains T-Mobile company information, so customers can know more about their company. This website is not only for United States users, but also for international users because it provides some sites for other countries like Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia and United Kingdom.

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In addition, the T-Mobile website has a good organization. It is designed well, so that when first-time customers open the website, they can directly choose their needs. It does not contain many pictures and advertisements that sometimes distract some customers. The style in this website is built in a simple way. It uses appropriate colors, combination of pink, gray and black with some gray background, so that it does not distract audience views. Some fonts used in this website are too small; they should use the bigger fonts so that the audiences can read every word easily.

The second website is Verizon. The Verizon website is owned by Verizon Company. This website is also made in order to help their old customers to control their account and to get new information about Verizon. It is also made for the new customers, so that they can get information about Verizon. Then, they can compare Verizon plans with other companies.

When the customers open Verizon website for the first time, they can choose among seven main options. The options are products, plans, mobile options, business, support, my account and about us. In the product option, customers can get information about the phones, prepay phones, accessories, refill minutes and gift cards. Customers can know the information about local, national, international and prepay plans in the plan option. If customers choose the business option, they can know about professional, small, medium and large business information. Verizon website also provides support for the customers. They can know what the questions usually other customers ask complete with the answer. They can also know how to contact Verizon.

The Verizon website provides facility for the existing customers to log in into their accounts. When they log in into their accounts, they can know the updated information about their prepay account, upgrade phone, order status and gift card balance. This website contains complete information about company profile and the latest news about Verizon. It also offers opportunity for the job seekers to find their career in the Verizon. Moreover, it gives prospect for the developers and information about vendors program.

Furthermore, the customers can know accurate information about wireless pricing, coverage, customer service, and offers near their location by entering their zip code in the box that the Verizon website provides. This is made so that customers may easily know exactly what are available in their location complete with their price. This website just provides two languages option, English and Spain.

The organization of Verizon website is good enough because it consists of very brief choices that will be helpful for the customer in viewing this websites. The style that Verizon uses in building the website is simple. It uses combination colors of red, yellow and black with some white background. It makes the audience enjoy their views. It also uses appropriate fonts, so the customers can read every word clearly.
The third website is Sprint. The Sprint website is owned by Sprint Company. Like two other websites, this websites is also made in order to help their old customers to control their account and to get new information about Sprint. It is also made for the new customer, so that they can get information about Sprint. Then, they can compare Sprint plans with other companies.

Sprint website is the simplest compare to the other two websites, T-mobile and Verizon. It is also readable. Like T-Mobile, it provides two choices, personal and business customers. It will make easier for the user to use this websites according to their needs. It is also completed with facility for personal and business users to manage their accounts so that the users can check their account anytime. It provides the language facility, so that the users can choose among fourteen languages.
Moreover, Sprint website contains the latest news about Sprint. This website also provides information about how the users can reach and contact them. Like the other two websites, Sprint website offers opportunity for the users to find career in Sprint. It also provides information for the investor.

The Sprint website has updated information about stock values. These values are updated every twenty minutes when the stock market opens. It also gives the customers opportunity to make feed back about their website. With this facility, Sprint website will improve their performance in terms of organization and systematic outlines.
The Sprint website is organized in a good manner. It does not confuse the users when they open the website for the first time because they can directly choose their needs. The style of this website is developed in a simple way . It just uses red and black color with some white background. It uses very small font, so it is somewhat difficult to be read.

In conclusion, the Verizon website gives the most information that customers need to compare to the other two websites, T-Mobile and Sprint. But Verizon does not have language options as Sprint does. Although, T-Mobile does not have language options, but it has international sites, so it can be reached internationally. All of these websites have a good organization but Sprint website has the best organization because it is very simple, readable and does not contain too much words. Style of every website is developed in a simple way. It does not contain too many colors that can distract customer views. The Verizon website has the best style because besides using appropriate colors, it also uses appropriate fonts. The other websites use too small fonts. In addition, Sprint website is the only website that gives the user opportunity to make feed back about their website.




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