Computer Service and Upgrade

Computer Service and Upgrade

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Computer Service and Upgrade

World has not been the same since the invention of a smart machine called a computer. These days, computer has become an irreplaceable tool for human from manufacturing to online banking. People use computers to do various tasks and enjoy leisure times such as playing games, scheduling agenda, communicating via webcam, sharing files, and many others. Thus with the increasing use of computers, the possibility of having problems with computers becomes naturally higher. For instance, your computer can be easily infected with a virus program through insecure internet connection or your computer can even crashed frequently by some unknown reasons. In those cases, you may want a professional to help you figure out the real problems. Due to a high demand in computer services, five of us decided to establish a computer repair and upgrading company called ISU. ISU stands for Iowa Service and Upgrade which is founded recently on the 14th of June 2004.

Our main office is located close to Maple dormitory which can be easily recognized by its brown brick color. The office can be reached easily through the main road in Ames called Lincoln Way. From Lincoln Way, you have to turns north onto Wallace road and then turn west onto Richardson Court. Below is the picture of our company’s logo:

The blue figure represents the state of Iowa. We marked our company’s name inside the state figure so it symbolizes that our company is located in Iowa. Our slogan is “your friend is not the expert.” Many people who do not know about computers usually ask for help from their friends instead of using a professional service. Even though using professional service far more efficient compare to “friend” without any proficient knowledge or experience. Most of the time, bigger problems can occur if your friend did not fix the computers properly. What we are trying to say here is that you should not trust anybody except us, the professionals. Our services will include the following:

First, we repair hardware from all brand of desktop and laptop computers. We presumed that most of our customers will want to ask us to do hardware compatibility check; given that a computer is consisted of many parts and those parts are connected to each other organically. Incompatibility makes it easy for the computer to be out of order, especially on a laptop computer with its integrated keyboard, monitor, and hard drive.

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If an error occur in any of those parts, it will lead to a major problem unlike a desktop computer.

Second, we upgrade computers’ hardware. It means that our company is not only installing hardware but also selling individual parts and building computers from scratch. Even though you have an old computer, we will able to upgrade its performance equal to a brand new computer. As a result you will be able to save more money since the upgrading cost for an old computer is much cheaper than buying a new one.

Third, we sell and install software with competitive prices and cheaper than any retail prices. Most people concern about the expensive price of software such as Microsoft and Adobe. Most of the productivity softwares that you must have on your computer are expensive because of the brand name and their patents. This can be serious problem to people who really need the softwares but cannot afford to buy them. If you have enough funds on your budget, this service may not be useful to you. However, most people will have difficulties to get all of softwares they want within their budget. For that reason our company will guarantee competitive prices that are well below the suggested retail prices.

Lastly, we offer virus and other malicious programs removal from your computer. Viruses, the last thing people expect to have in their computer. As virus can be very upsetting since it makes the computers crash although the hardware parts work just fine. We always suggest the customers to have a better security and antivirus system in order to avoid the problems in the first place. The key is prevention and it will save you more money. In case the computer has already been infected, we will assist the customer in removing the virus. Besides the above services, we will give free advices to let the customers make their own decisions. Up to now, we have explained the brief contents about our services.

Now we will take a look at the detail contents of our remarkable services. You will only need to pay $40 per hour for the labor and if it takes less than 30 minutes to fix the computer we will charge only $25. Additionally, our price is exceptional and you will not be able to find cheaper price in any other computer shops. Furthermore, we are going to match the price of our competitors if they happen to be lower than ours. If the customers required us to come over to their house because it is too troublesome to disassembling the computer, we will charges an additional of $35 per computer. For picking up and delivery onto our location, the customer will need to pay an additional $30 per computer. However, there will be no additional charge if the customers want to bring and pick up their own computers. Besides the charges we explained above, all repairs are actually subjected to other cost depending on how much the company has to spend on parts and usage of other equipments.

Moreover, we will explain about our upgrading prices which are cheaper compare to other companies. Installing operating system such as Microsoft Windows series will cost roughly $20, while installing a new memory card and a new video card will cost $20 and $25 respectively. Since installing video card is more troublesome than memory card we will set the price higher. In hard drive installation services, the cost for installing a new operating system, adding a secondary hard drive and transferring data system will cost $20, $10, and $30 respectively. We will also set those prices according to the level of difficulties. Last but not least, installing a motherboard will cost $45. As I mentioned before that we sell hardware parts with competitive prices, therefore you will get a good deal for any purchase and installation.

In a few words, we have described about our company and its services. There are currently five skilled technicians in the company that can provide you with more advanced services at cheaper prices. The office is located near the main road in Ames, so finding our company will be easy enough. Our slogan is “your friend is not the expert” because we are confident in fixing computers better than any other technicians. Currently there are four major services that we provide, those are: repairing computers, upgrading hardware, upgrading software, and removing virus. In a nutshell, our competitive price is one of the advantages our company has. At the end, even though this is only an imaginary company, it is worth to be built. If my computer is broken, and it should get fixed by someone, I will definitely choose the one with the cheapest price. Like our imaginary computer shop, the challenge for every entrepreneur is building a company that can benefit its customers.
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