Kids Killing Kids

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Kids Killing Kids As you wind down from a long day at the office, you turn on the six o’clock news. The opening story lays out a gruesome attempt to murder, maim, and terrorize children in a city you have never before heard of. Instantly, you are thinking that this must be a review for a soon to be released blockbuster movie. In your mind, nothing like this would ever happen in our civilized world; however, headlines they are. You picture the perpetrators as horrid, evil-minded monsters. What kind of person could commit such a crime against innocent children? As you listen further, your eyes open wide, your heart skips a beat, and you gasp in shock as you discover that these evil-minded monsters you had just envisioned are nothing more than pimple-faced, hormone driven teenagers. Yes, teenagers. As you begin to really absorb the impact of such a crime, you realize that the teenagers that committed this crime are not much older than your own children. Suddenly, you have the uncontrollable urge to find your children and hide them from the world. You ask yourself, “What is wrong with society? What would cause a child to kill anther child? Where were their parents? How could this have happened?” Then, you try to convince yourself that this could never happen in your community. Although fictional, this story is one that is happening in homes all over our country. The real problem is that the crime described above is only one of many that are being committed by our youth. In fact, juvenile crime as a whole is increasing at an alarming rate. It seems that our youth is at war with itself. On a self destructive path that must be altered. How? This is the question at hand. The viewer above asked himself questions that need to be asked, but more importantly they need to be answered. The answers are not as simple as they may seem. The rise in juvenile crime has awakened a heated debate between the liberals and conservatives of our country about the causes, effects, and solutions of such a widespread problem. The liberals argue that this problem can only be fixed through government control; whereas, the conservatives believe the problem can only be fixed at home.

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