Computers in my Life

Computers in my Life

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Computers in my Life

Fun, relaxation, money, can you get all that with only one tool? The answer is yes. What is the name of that magical instrument? Technology's greatest invention, Computers. They are sophisticated equipment that performs three main tasks: accept structured input, process it according to prescribed rules and produce a result as output. They come in a remarkable rage of sizes and shapes, and have different abilities and application. They can be a bunch of equipment with little or not use, or a powerful instrument if you know how to use it. They play a very important role in every American's life, specially mine. In today's society, computers are necessary; they are used in all kinds of jobs. They are used in Science fields like Math and Medicine, but they are also used in fields like mechanics. Imagine, even for someone that fix cars a computer is necessary. Computers have a very respected place in our world today; new generations are using them for everything: to learn, to communicate, to do research, etc., and old generations have become to accept them as well; even though they always reject any changes. Anyway there are people that while reading this essay thinks: "I do not see it; I really do not understand how can computers be so useful and how?" Oh! Well. In my special case, computers are more than a simple tool; my life changed since the first moment they came into it. They turn my mind around completely; it was like a perfect match. Since the first time I sat in one, I knew they will become an undeniable part of my life. It has been five years since then and I my opinion remains the same. I have in fact discovered many more uses for them. Three of those uses are: a method of relaxation, a tool to work and very practical and a useful instrument that makes my life easier.

First, computers are my best method of relaxation when my stress is maximum. They provide me with entertainment; for example, when I use a graphic program like Paintbrush to create a design, or when I use a word processor like Microsoft Word to create a sign I want to put in my room. I can get very creative and even design posters, conniving words and pictures, that later I can use to decorate my room.

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I can also find a lot of interesting things by exploring the internet [Any network of networks, according to The Internet for Everyone by Wiggins] without a specific objective. For example, not to long ago I found an article about how important is meat for our body, which brought to my mind a topic for an essay that I had to right for my English class a week before that. In that essay, I had to convince a vegetarian of why meat was important but at that time I did have enough information, so I had to change my topic, that will not happen next time. Another way to find interesting things especially about people is by reading home pages[The initial page on a World-Wide Wed(HTTOP)server. Moro loosely the root document describing an organization(or individual) offered via the Web, according to The Internet for Everyone by Wiggins]. A lot of things about people can be found this way, from thoughts to fields of interest. Thanks computers, I have a friend a Rome and three in Spain. I even found a cousin in Kentucky University and all because I was reading a description of his family in his home page and they coincide with part of my family, so I talk to him and we find out that we were related. Computers also provide me with fun, which is definitely one of the best medicines for stress. When we talk about cartoons is a good way to have fun through the computer, like for example: Sailor Moon - which is my favorite cartoon animate cartoons in the Internet.

Second, computers are also a work tool for me; they allow me to develop my skills and earn money in different fields. For example, creating software was to find what is need in the market is the most important aspect. I have developed two major software, both created to satisfy the necessity in the market for a program to help students improve their skills in a specific language. The first time was "ORTOGRAF," I created this while I was in Cuba with the purpose to help students improve their Spanish, which were getting lost. The second time I created "ESOL," a program to help students with English as a second language improve their English skills. I donated this program to the ESOL department at Miami Senior High to help students who need it. Another possible job, is creating home pages, which is the new fashion right now. That is exactly the kind of job I am performing right now for the International Student Center and for The Hispanic Center here at FSU. Besides these two methods, there are also other ways that do not require programming skills. For example, creating a slide presentation to introduce a new project; using a program such as Power Point, we can create an interesting, attractive, and concise presentation. Even more simple than that, just typing or creating resumes, which are services that people require often, are ways to make money using a computer.

Third, computers are very useful tools. They can make my life a lot easier and economical. For example, I used them for communication purposes, through e-mail [Electronic mail. A system supporting creation of messages to be conveyed within a computer system across networks for delivery to individuals or groups, The Internet for Everyone by Wiggins.] By using e-mail to communicate with my family I save a lot of money because I don't need to make long distance calls, and what it makes it even better is that I don't have to pay any extra charges for using this service. This communication technique, also amplified my communication abilities because I can get connected to companies in other states and even in other countries really easily. Another really important point is that computers amplify my possibilities for research. They allow me to find a great deal of information in any field I want, Math, Medicine, Men or Women to with great accuracy or even simpler than that, when I want to buy something, I use the computer to do a little research about the product I am interested in and I can get all the companies who produce it and the price in each case, so I end up paying the minimum amount for the product I want. As a last aspect, they save a lot of time. While I am shopping because you already know who is selling what and at what price and also in research because of the ability of the computer to process a great volume of information in a small amount of time, an also in communication, they go a lot faster through computers.

Aren't they great? They help me a lot with me live. Computers help me to relax, work and they help make my life easier. That is why I believe that they are technology's greatest invention. I know I put a lot of excitement in my words, but that's is because in addition to all the practical uses computers have, I love to work with them. When I am creating a software or working in a new project, I can spend hours and hours in front one of them and not fell anything but excitement. They are part of my secret world; it is like when I was a child and use to dream I was a princess, my backyard was my castle and I had beautiful long dresses and a lot of dances to go -I even had a prince no one but I could see this, but it was there, it was my secret world. Now computers substitute that world; I love so much to work with them, they make me feel alive, they are part of my spirit, and of my soul. Five years have been since I decided Computer Science was going to be my major, it has long before high school, and I haven't and I won' ever change my mind. I have a great passion for computers, but I always keep in mind that we have a brain which will always be 10,000 times more powerful that any instrument created by the humans, no matter how sophisticated it may look.
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