Alone and Unhappy

Alone and Unhappy

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Alone and Unhappy

She sat on the Q train waiting for her stop. The time was finally here. She was just an hour away from happiness. Beverly Rd, Church St, Atlantic Ave she got up and off the train. She followed the rush of people to catch the 2 train into the city. The 2 or 3 train never came regularly so she waited patiently. In the distance she heard a couple of Mexicans playing the accordion and the guitar. She could not make out the song, but they sounded pretty good. Finally the 2 train pulled in and she boarded. She observed her surroundings to pass the time. It wasn’t a short trip from Brooklyn to the city.

There was a Hispanic mother and her little son sitting across from her. The son stared at her the whole ride. She wondered if he could see right through her. His eyes were blank and still. She courteously smiled at the boy and he gave her the finger and laughed to himself. She gave the boy the finger and moved on to the next person that caught her attention. It was an older white man. He gave her a disapproving look and turned his head. She felt embarrassed now for her actions, but the boy started it. The train stopped and she thought it was her stop. She rushed to get up and noticed it was only 14th St. If she was pale, she would be beet red at this point. She gracefully sat back down and tried to fan herself to get rid of the flushed feeling in her cheeks.

When she finally gained her composure, she noticed a man was standing in front of her against the doors. He just took her breath away. How gorgeous he was just standing there. She could not keep her eyes off him. He noticed and looked a little uncomfortable.

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He reminded her of a “broke down Maxwell” and part of her wanted him to bust out and start singing “A Woman’s Worth” to him. She snapped out of her fantasy when she heard the call for the next stop, which was 34th St/Grand Central Station. Before she got off her stop she had to do something. So she whipped out her phone and took a picture of him discretely. As the train stopped and she exited, she thanked God for camera phones.

Grand Central Station was an old but beautiful place. It was a place where constantly people were in and out. She stood in front of the departure board and called the only person she wanted to talk to. A short conversation later she hoped to hop on the next train heading toward him in New Jersey. Once again she found herself waiting. For as long as she lived in New York she never really noticed how big and busy the station really was. She sat back in a little bistro and took in the sights. An African American man was rushing at the call of his train leaving and he managed to drop his briefcase and coffee on the floor in a big mass. She watched as people just rushed by the man as he scurried to pick up his belongings in time to make the train. Again she didn’t notice how rude people were in this town either. She got up and tried to pick up some papers for the man but he snapped at her not to touch his belongings and he left. How ironic she thought to herself.

An hour passed and she called again, but this time no answer. She did not know what to do. Should she get on the train or wait for his call? She decided to wait a little longer. A homeless man wandered the station yelling obscenities and searching the trash for food. He smelled or urine and bad body odor. A young man was wandering too, but he went from person to person asking for money to catch a train back home to New Jersey. The last train was about to leave and she didn’t know if she should get a ticket. She has been at the station for four hours and now she was furious. She found herself acting just like the homeless man, wandering the station yelling obscenities. She didn’t understand what just happened. Was this the end? Was this a joke? She stood in front of the departure board and listened to the last call for the last train. She listened to his voicemail for the last time and hung the phone up. She turned around and wiped her tears away and walked toward the subway to catch the 2 or the 3 downtown. It wasn’t until she was once again on the Q that she realized she was back where she started, alone and unhappy.
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