Equal Partnership Rights for America

Equal Partnership Rights for America

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Equal Partnership Rights for America

The president has often indicated that he would support a constitutional amendment against gay marriages. The Supreme Court has not yet seen a case dealing with marriage rights of homosexuals, and therefore the constitutionality of laws banning gay marriage have not yet come into question. Homosexuals would argue that they are seeking marriage rights equal with that of heterosexual marriage under the eyes of the law. Some people feel very strongly about this issue and see support for gay marriage as a governmental intrusion on a religious practice. Others see no correlation between mandates on marriages and religious freedoms. All opinions aside, this is an issue that the public simply isn’t very well informed about because there are other issues that have been seen as much more important, because they affect a greater amount of people.

Despite other issues being in the public’s attention, the problems aroused by the prospect of gay marriage will soon make their presence known. The forefathers of our country inserted a clause into the Constitution known as the “full faith and credit” clause. Said clause (Article IV, Section 1, United States Constitution) insures that “full faith and credit” be given to the laws and judicial proceedings of all the states by all other states. That is, if a contract is signed in Arizona, one cannot simply move to Texas and the contract become null and void. The reason this clause can be a problem for those opposed to gay marriages is that some states are pushing to legalize or have legalized same-sex marriages or civil unions. The reason the national government cannot simply declare gay marriage illegal and thereby prevent the states from legalizing it is: 1. No authority is given to the national government (legislative branch) to make such a law; and 2. The legislation would likely not pass in the house and the senate. If any state were to pass a law declaring same-sex marriage legal in that state, all other states would have to recognize the legality of that contract and the rights that went along with it. So thousands of homosexuals would flock to that state (be it Hawaii, or Vermont) to be married, then be legally married everywhere in the United States.

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The only way that people opposed to this idea could make the marriages illegal in all states, would be to amend the Constitution, which we all know doesn’t happen that often.

The reason that homosexuals want gay marriage is not because they want to wreck the religious foundations of our country, whatever those alleged foundations may be. The reason is simply because they seek the same legal treatment heterosexual married couples receive, even in the way they are taxed. Homosexuals are not allowed visitation in hospitals; they aren’t the next of kin notified in an emergency; they are not heirs to the estate of their partner (unless they are named as such in the partners last will and testament); they aren’t allowed legally to make critical decisions for a partner if the partner is unable to make the decisions for themselves; and they cannot get the same kind of insurance and benefits that married couples can get. Homosexuals are not trying to make churches perform the act of marrying gay couples by use of law (such a law would be unconstitutional); they are not trying to break up the idea of the American family. All these people want is the right to be legally married. Why can’t the nation allow them that right?

The president supports an initiative to amend the Constitution to make same-sex marriages illegal. I do not support this idea. My own beliefs dictate that homosexuality is unnatural and a sin, but that does not matter in the legal sense. This country, contrary to the belief of many, was not founded on the bedrock of Christianity. The pluralism of the country is not in any way related to or representational of Christianity. This country was founded on the political ideas of the English and French revolutions, and the separation of church and state, which once provided religious freedom, and should now provide those who do not practice religion freedom from its influence in the area of legal marriage. The founders of this country wanted a democratic nation (in a certain representational democratic form) and freedom. Originally, the freedom was to most, but not all. Now the government should act out what the Constitution spells out, freedom and equality for all. Religions should not be forced to marry gay people, but neither should gay people be forced out of the rights of marriage. The government should allow the civil union of homosexuals and bestow upon them the same rights they bestow on those that are married. We should all follow the example of Vermont; and because of the Constitution that our supposed “Christian” (in reality, Deist) forefathers drafted up long ago we will have no choice.
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