Character Reference Letter for Court Appearance

Character Reference Letter for Court Appearance

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Judge Hang M. Quick
County Circuit Court
Any St.
Anytown, USA

Case #

To the Court,

Integrity, honesty, compassion, loyalty and just plain telling it like it is. These are just a few traits of this truly unique man, Ralph Stephens. One of a kind. If I ever have a question, or if I’m on the fence about something, Ralph, in a few sentences gives me the options and helps me clear it up. You always knew where you stand with Ralph. Politically correct? That isn't a big concern of his. He isn't trying to win a popularity contest.

But beneath that tough exterior is a warm, gentle man that is there in a heartbeat if you need him. There were times when I needed him. And nobody has been more there for me. Being there and being strong for his family is the most important thing to Ralph. He is a great Son, Brother, Husband and Father.

Ralph is a great engineer, and from what his employees tell me, a great boss. Ralph has a genuine concern for all those he works with. One colleague aptly described Ralph as a "true scholar of engineering", pursuing knowledge and learning how things work purely because he enjoys doing so. He never intends to impress someone down the road with what he has gleaned – although that often happens anyway – nor does he learn to simply improve his resume. He just has a desire to understand those things around him, whether they be cars, heavy equipment or the latest in high-technology.

Ralph has an idealistic view of the world and he always strives for righteousness and perfection in himself and in others. I think that because he expects perfection in this world, he is disappointed with the imperfections in himself and in others as well as the unfairness in the world. Facing difficult situations, one after another in his life, has affected him deeply because of his idealistic view of the world.

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Nevertheless, he knows what is important in life: faith, love of family and friends, sacrifice for others, honesty, integrity, kindness, and generosity. Despite his difficult situation, he continues to hope and persevere.

I hope that the court will do everything possible to put an end to this very ugly chapter in the life of Ralph and his family.

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