Changing Roles of Men and Women

Changing Roles of Men and Women

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Changing Roles of Men and Women

Women’s lives have changed dramatically, for the last half-twentieth century as Paula England said. One significant change has been an increase of women in the labor force. In 1950 only 30 percent of women were in the labor force. By 1994, the number of women in the labor force had reached 58 percent. Most women were married with young children. Women worked in the same jobs as men did. However, they got less pay and fewer opportunities. At that time, women did more work than men in the housework, which was unequal.

On the other hand, as I heard in the Morning Edition by David Molpus, today’s generation is trying to change inequity. There is a young married couple, who both have full time jobs, and children. They think 50-50 is a good idea, because it will allow men the opportunity to spend more time with their children. Also, there is another married couple who believe the same as the others. They are against day care because they think day care is not safe for children. These men share with their wives everything they experience .

In my opinion, men and women should have equity for career work and inside the home. I believe if women have the same jobs men do, they should get the same pay and opportunity as men. For instance, women have the same pressure, responsibility, and accountability. According to Paula England table on p-41. The job evaluation points shows that female registered nurses have a higher point value in comparison to male chemists. So I don’t see the reason women should get less pay and equity. Men should help their wives with the housework. It is not fair to expect women to work harder than men, because they are human beings too. Men should feel the same responsibility women feel. Today is not the time women should stay at home to raise children. We are in a new generation which times has changed.

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Women have more education, challenges, and sophistication. Men should accept the changing times. They should support their women’s efforts and should look forward to the future.

After all, years ago women had less equity in the labor force and housework. Nevertheless, the last two generations are trying to change this inequity. Men are taking more responsibility with housework and there is some equity. Men should realize the changing times and men and women should manage with equity and respect the many roles each must assume.
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