Unconditional Love in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises

Unconditional Love in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises

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In the novel The Sun Also Rises, written by Ernest Hemingway the

main character makes a decision to introduce the woman he loves

to a young bull fighter. Jake makes this decision very much

against the will of his friends, but in doing so he pleases 

Brett.  Jake does this because he is unconditionally committed to

Brett, and is willing to do whatever necessary to bring her

happiness, even if it is only temporary.

            Jake's first reaction to the news that Brett is interested in

meeting and spending time with Romero is one of negativity. He

learns of this from he friend Montoya and tells him "Don't give

him the Message" (176).  He did not think that it would be a good

idea for Brett to have anything to do Romero, and did not want

him to receive the message that invited him to have coffee with

their group. At this point it is clear that Jake does not approve

of this proposed encounter.  His later decision to introduce them 

supports the idea that Jake is unconditionally devoted to Brett,

and her happiness.

            The introduction was a very strange one. It was not as if Jake

went out of his way for it to happen. It was much more the will

of Brett. She raved on and on about Romero and insisted to Jake

that they go and find him. Jake did not fight her on this issue,

but he certainly did not provoke it. Jake was more of a stooge

for  Brett. She would have had her way even if Jake had not

helped her. She uses her feminine charm, and there is, little

that Jake can say. At one point she says “Oh, darling, please

stay by me.  Please stay by me and see me through this”(188).

Jake is to wrapped around her finger to refuse.

            There is no question in Jake¹s mind that he will be losing

Montoya as a friend and also the respect that others had once

held for him, yet he choose Brett over these losses.

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Jake even

goes as far as to make an agreement with with Montoya that he

breaks upon the introduction of Brett to Romero. It says when

Romero walked into the room he started to smile, but then say the

group with Romero then at that point “he did not even nod”(181). 

This was at the first introduction. The real damage had nod even

been done yet, but Jake proceeded because he wanted to to make

her happy.

            In this story Jake is forced with a decision that will change a

great deal of his life. He decision ultimately costs him a good

friendship, and takes away the respect that his other friends had

once had for him. He does this consciously and unselfishly

without hesitation. This does not mean that he has lost his moral

creditability as a character, but rather the opposite. Jake

becomes a stronger character after this because is shows his

unconditional devotion and love for Brett.
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