Computer Impact on My Chosen Profession

Computer Impact on My Chosen Profession

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Computer Impact on My Chosen Profession

My chosen profession that I am going to college for is Computer Information Systems. I am not quite sure of the exact job title I would like to get from this. I do know that I would like to be in charge of a business’s technology, be in charge of keeping the systems working, training employees how to use the programs and deciding which new programs would be best for the business. Computers have had a very positive effect on this.

For inventory businesses, computers allow the business to immediately know when new products are available by looking on the internet. They are provided many valuable pieces of information about the product, such as quality, price, and so on. The business can quickly and easily buy inventory over the internet and track it as it is being shipped. Once the business receives their inventory they then sell it individually to their customers. Many businesses have websites which allow the consumer to go to the business’s website and do similar to what the business did to get the inventory. They can view product information, see the newest products, and quickly order online. The customer is given an order confirmation number that allows them to check the status of their purchase as it is being shipped and see if there are any delays due to backorders or other problems. IBM is soon going to be marketing middleware that will help enhance these aspects of the business. The middleware will allow a business to manage their product information that exists over a variety of systems. The software will allow for product attributes and locations to be more accurately shared. Many companies still give out inaccurate information about their products because of insufficient technology. This middleware will help solve this business problem allowing businesses to enhance their performance and customer service. This will very positively affect businesses (Beth

Many businesses such as health insurers pay for outsourcing services that run their servers and help with any problems and questions about the systems. Now businesses are demanding much more from their outsourcers.

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They want outsourcing providers to help deliver quality to their customers and run simple tasks for the business. They want them to automate services such as member eligibility verification (for health care businesses) to make the process much quicker. Many customers are now managing their health care spending so companies would like outsourcers to provide self-serve applications online for customers to access. The outsourcers now need to help drive strategic change in the business by calculating what would be the best move for the business. The outsourcers are now not only provide IT but also back office and business-consulting expertise services. Many businesses want to provide individualized access for their customers in the form of a webpage. Many companies are demanding these services but with wireless access for their customers. Each customer will be given an access number so they can go online and view their personal information about services the company has provided to them. Pager processes such as claims and provider management are another big service that businesses are expecting from their outsourcers. A main reason there is such growth in demands for the outsourcers is that off shore providers such as India are providing low-cost, highly skilled labor that is allowing businesses to consider projects otherwise difficult to justify. They provide skills on demand no matter how often a business changes its needs. This couldn’t possibly be replicated in the U.S. This new change in the services outsourcers will need to provide will allow businesses to get much more from a single provider and save a lot of money (Paul

A very common thing in businesses is computerized cash register systems and inventory. This allows the business to constantly know how much a certain product is still available and if a product is selling quicker than expected. These systems allow all sales to be tracked so the company can tell if anything doesn’t look right between the amount of inventory gone and the total sales during and employee’s shift. Credit cards can be accepted, checked to see if the credit limit has already been reached, and do this with a simple swipe of the card (much simpler than before). This is very useful with how popular credit cards are today. A recent survey showed that 46% of all U.S. consumers use credit cards for their purchases. There is a new tax law, Section 179, which allows businesses to take an annual tax credit of $100,000 for expenses up to $400,000. This law is only in effect until 2006 and is to encourage small businesses to implement such technologies in their businesses by reinvesting part of these tax cuts for such technology. This will help push the business world into the new technology world (Laurie

With all the new increases in technologies for businesses and the constant demands being met by technology suppliers, the demand for and use of technology in businesses will only increase. This makes for plenty of positive changes in the business world. These changes will make customer service better, save businesses money and keep businesses running smoother by taking care of simple tasks so the business doesn’t have to worry about them. The use of these technologies will make for plenty of jobs in the future. The importance of having these programs running smoothly will make the pay for these jobs very respectable. These are all ways computers have effected my chosen profession.
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