The Giver’s Compassion for Jonas

The Giver’s Compassion for Jonas

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The Giver’s Compassion for Jonas

Jonas’ community is ordered and ruled. Everything is same: their clothes, houses and lives. People follow the rules until they die. They know nothing about the true human life. The receiver of memory, the giver, is the only person who is able to the true pleasure of life. When Jonas is elected as the receiver of memory by the community and meets the Giver, his life is changed. Everything he believes in was controlled and hidden the real human life by the community. He is getting to realize that he will not be able to stay in the community any more and starts to find his own and comfort place. I would like to focus on describing the Giver’ compression for Jonas because I do think that this book can not be described without him.

In the book, the Giver is described as an old man, always staying and keeping his sadness for the community alone. He is the only person who really knows what is going on in the community and its people. His role is to give the community advice and help, when they face something that they have not experienced. The community needs the Giver, even thought they have a long history, already fixed its structure, rarely ask the Giver advice. “They know nothing,” The Giver said bitterly (p.105). He feels sad and helpless for the community, because they reject to have memory and choose painless and predictable life. Memory includes not only in sadness, pain, and evil of human life but also in real happiness and pleasure of human life. The Giver likes to have the memory, however he feels loneliness not to share the memory with people, regret to receive the memory, and bitterness that the community would keep this condition forever. He can not find out the possibility to change the entire community. Even though Jonas asked the Giver to come with him, he can not escape form the place and has to take care of the community (p.161-162).

The Giver’s compassion in the story is not only for the community but also for Jonas. He must be confused and struggling because he already knows the train will be hard and control the most important parts of the human, which includes the feelings like love, warmth, sadness, patience, and pleasure.

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Jonas has to know those things. After Jonas finished the train in the first day and said “Thank you for my first day.” And the giver nodded to him, looked drained and little sad (P 87). He must think Jonas destiny as the receiver of memory like he is. There is no true friend and family to talk about the memory. Also the receiver has to have a big responsibility for the community. The Giver feels strong compassion for Jonas. He can not abolish the assignment of the receiver of memory. People in the community do not know how hard it is to have whole memory and do not feel scared and sad. He must really feel bitter whenever he gives memory to Jonas, even though some memories are good.

In the Giver, his compassion often shows by his behavior: the way he looks at and talks with Jonas. Those behaviors tell us the deep compassion of the Giver. I think that he may show his sadness by showing his action. The role of the receiver of memory makes him be silent and give no real relationship with people.

The Giver is the only human who has real feeling because he knows the quality of life. If people share it, their life is more bright and pleasurable. People in the community seem to be robots, repeating same things. There is no development of human life. The Giver makes readers think about the life with quality. The community is perfect but no warmth of human. He feels this warmth only when he talks with Jonas about memory as well as he feels sadness to make Jonas have a hard life by giving memory.
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