Media and the Writing Process

Media and the Writing Process

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Media and the Writing Process

When looking at a work of media, ones tries to find something that would enhance the writing process. Television, as well as cinema often lends to this process. One example of this is with the John Carpenters’ Vampires, which incorporates the use of suspense and anticipation to lure the viewer into concerning themselves more in to the story. Another example, is the television documentary Hitler’s Henchmen which uses a systematic, chronological method to tell the story of Adolf Hitler’s main Architect, Albert Speer. Of course literary works also can help in enhancing the quality of one’s work. A River Runs through it, Norman Macleans’ personal memoirs, lends to the reader the idea of the metaphor to pursue plot. Another literary work The Perfect Storm, by Sebastian Junger tells the story of a doomed vessel lost at sea and does so through the use of creative language.

Cinema is often overlooked as an outlet for literary enhancement. On the contrary, however, many films often tend to use or incorporate ideas which can be transferred with success to a literary piece. The film, Vampires uses many literary devices to progress its story and plot. The devices which were used most extensively, those of suspense and anticipation, can easily be incorporated to enhance a literary piece aesthetically.

Television, again, like Cinema is a media which is overlooked when searching for methods to enhance ones work. A television documentary, recently aired, Hitlers Henchmen used a technique which is perhaps vital to a successful literary work. Displaying a information in a systematic, or chronological fashion, as done in the documentary, often clears the path for the reader, or the viewer in this case to make their own assumptions, or judgement of what they have seen.

The most important of all media to be used to enhance ones’ own work of course is another piece of literature. The metaphor, as in Norman MacLeans’ work, A River Runs Through It is an excellent device used to give more meaning to single ideas, and can easily enhance a work.

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Another piece, The Perfect Storm Sebatian Jungers’ fictionalized writing of a true tragedy at sea utilizes the idea of creative language to add more life to a work. This also should be used in one’s own writing to enhance and liven personal works.

So it is seen that while books are an excellent way of comparing ones work and looking for ways of enhancing it, other forms of media can often aid in creating a literary work with life.

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