Dawson’s Creek, the Movie Woo, A Perfect Storm, and A River Runs Through It

Dawson’s Creek, the Movie Woo, A Perfect Storm, and A River Runs Through It

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Dawson’s Creek, the Movie Woo, A Perfect Storm, and A River Runs Through It

What is it that improves an author’s writing ability? Is it inborn creativity? In many ways yes, but without a doubt an author’s ability to write comes from skills that he has acquired through everyday life. One of these skills is the combination of watching and reading. It is not just the ability to watch and read, it is how well he can incorporate these skills into a written work. Television and the movie screen can also be tools in a writer’s tool belt. Dawson’s Creek (a television drama) and the movie Woo have aspects incorporated into each whole, these aspects finding comparisons in literature. There is no far stretch required to find a correlation between a screen work and a written work. Since it is not hard to find this correlation between screen work and written work there should be no large task in finding helpful tools in several different genres of literature. The written works A Perfect Storm by Junger and A River Runs Through It written by Maclean offer literary techniques of their own. How can all of these forms of entertainment contribute to the written word?

Television adds many qualities to the nineties life. This is even true of the prime time teen angst drama. Dawson’s Creek (classified with the above prime time teen angst drama) can and does contribute interesting qualities to a written work. This show is a prime example of social interactions. Every character is at least acquainted with every other character, which gives the watcher the chance to see one character in many different situations. The word situation does not always mean social interaction though. Situations encompass the setting also. In television the set is made to be large, bright, and overall catching to the eye. Since a television screen is so small all of the important aspects of the set are brought forth they are easily viewed. This show of blatant importance can help an author decide on what is a really important part of their literature. Television though is not the only tool a writer can take advantage of. Indeed movies can also be of great importance.

The motion picture Woo contains several interesting tools, which are readily available to an author. This movie was performed in an English dialect that not many identify with or write with.

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This film gives the watcher a chance to hear how words are spoken, thus giving him the ability to think of a piece of literature in a unique way. If the same diction and dialect were used in every single piece of literature, most likely the idea of language would become used up. Variation keeps the public interested, even if the variation is only based upon how a word is said or delivered. Like situations there is a different sort of variation but this time dealing with the setting. In television a setting is accentuated with objects of obvious blatant importance. In a motion picture everything is so large everything is of equal importance. With everything the same size a writer is able to notice the most minute details concerning a piece of entertainment. Television shows the most important parts of the setting while a movie makes it possible to see everything that is involved.

A story is dependent on setting, interaction with characters, sometimes dialogue, and a vague something else. What is that something else? It is the way a piece of literature is put together. The Perfect Storm is put together expertly as compared to other examples of literature in its genre. Junger has a perfect meshing of fact and fiction. Indeed this is factual fiction. This fiction is taken from an actual event. Junger perfects the fictionalizing of real people without making those characters seem over the top. If a writer were to do something such as take a real person and fictionalize them, Junger would be the man to read and grab tips from. Junger not only makes fictional characters he also has direct command of the audience. This is possible through his authority. One dilemma facing new authors is the need to establish authority. Junger overcomes this hurtle through his use of quotes. The audience is amazed by how an author can include quotes and still make a story interesting. The quotes also allow for the audience to stand in awe of the writer because this story is actually true, It is hard to make something real a work of your own, but Junger did it, and that is where his authority comes from. The Perfect Storm though is not the only written work that can help an author.

A River Runs Through It is helpful to a writer but in another way. This short story has extensive uses of literary techniques. The entire story is told as it is remembered and it is also told with the use of the flashbacks. When Maclean wanted the characters to become more real to the audience he pulled the character into a flashback telling about a specific event that shaped the character’s lives. In all types of entertainment there are pieces that leave the audience hanging on wondering who the characters are, we the audience do not see why the characters do what they do. Maclean fixes all of that because for almost every important decision his characters make there is a flashback to accommodate the reader and tell him why the character is doing what he is doing. That is one way in how Maclean kept control of his story and there are still others. Maclean’s story is filled with emotion, but the author never let that emotion take control. None of the characters were sappy, or remembered in too well a light. When he does this he gives the story a dignified sense because the audience understands how much he cares for these characters but he does not let that care cloud his judgement and make the story unbelievable. When a writer finds himself writing about family or loved ones Maclean is the man to read because he has mastered the art of love and impartiality. Through this a wonderful story is possible.

A writer is only as good as his powers of perception. This perception opens him up to a world of ever bettering human language. Holed up somewhere never experiencing life, never noticing what has been done, and not taking the chance to better what has already been better does not make an inspirational author. Dawson’s Creek, Woo, The Perfect Storm, and A River Runs Through It can all be tools in a writer’s tool belt, all a person needs is the initiative and the understanding to use them.
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