A Walk to Remember - The Human Heart

A Walk to Remember - The Human Heart

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A Walk to Remember - The Human Heart


A Walk to Remember, by Nicholas Sparks take you on a whirl
wind journey into the depths of the human heart, and leads Landon, one of the
main characters, to a decision so stunning it would lead him irrevocably on the
 road to manhood. Landon the most popular boy in Beuford High and fall's
> unexpectedly in love with Jamie, and unpopular, bible-bearing girl. It was
 kismet that brought these two together, and an incurable disease that
would  tear them apart. Landon had recently broken up with his girlfriend of
1-1/2  years and it was a twist of fate that make Jamie his date for the
homecoming  dance. They went to the dance and did not speak to each other until they
were both cast a the lead in the towns Christmas play. After the play was over
 Landon found  himself wanting, and being with Jamie everyday, he was
falling in love with her. Then came the shock of his life, Jamie revealed to him
that she had Lucima. Landon was torn apart and had no idea what to do, so he
 turned to the bible for guidance and help. He made the decision that he
loved  Jamie too much to let her dreams slip away, so he asked her to marry him.
 They were married on March 12,1959. She died shortly after that, but he
never forgot her. Landon and Jamie are the too main characters in the book.
Landon is the richest, most popular boy at Beuford High, and Jamie is poor,
 unpopular and almost nonexistent at school. Jamie helps out at the
orphanage, picks up hurt animals, and carries a bible with her every where. Whereas
 Landon has never even thought of people without a home or money and he
only opens a bible when he has to at church.
      In my opinion Landon is a normal teenage boy, who's only concerns
are: girls and cars. I think that Jamie helped him see how powerful the bible
is and how it feels good to help people in need.
     This book takes place in Beuford, a town in North Carolina.
     There was a lot of foreshadowing in the book but the one that stands
out the most is when Landon asked Jamie to the dance and she thinks for a

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while and finally says "Yes, but you have to promise not to fall in love with

 me."(page44).  In the end of the book he ends up loving her more then
     I found two examples of show not tell. It describes a beautiful sunset
 and Landon's feelings towards Jamie as "casting a prism of light across
the slowly darkening water, splitting itself in to a thousand different parts,
 each more beautiful then the last," (page 216). The second is describing
 Landon's feeling of fear and hurt and being scared, when he finds out
about Jamie's Lucima. He said," The blood drained from my face and a sheet of
 dizzying images fluttered through my mind..." (page150).
     A Walk to Remember had two conflicts in it. The first one is man vs.
 self, this is represented when Landon does not know what to do when he
finds out about her sickness, he has to fight with in himself to find the
courage to be there for her. The simile I found was "The waiters wore black and
 white, like butlers."This is comparing two unlike things. The metaphor I
 found was, "I had not slept that night and my eyes were still swollen."
This suggests likeliness of two things. The hyperbole I found was," when I saw
her I had butterflies in my stomach." This is exaggerating how he is feeling,
you cannot really have butterflies in your stomach. The personification I
found was when the narrator said, " A day blustering with fierce, biting wind."
 This shows the wind having human like characteristics.
    This book A Walk to Remember is one of  the best books I have ever
read  and I would suggest it to anyone who is a truly hopeless romantic.
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