Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights: Life is Hard

Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights: Life is Hard

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Wuthering Heights – Life is Hard

Many times in life, people leave our lives and then come back into them. 
However, we remember them, but they do not remember us.  The same thing
happened in Emily Brontë's book Wuthering Heights.  Linton, taken by his
mother to London after his birth, never knew his father, then when things
happened, he came back home.  He had family fighting over where he was to
live and whom he would be around.  Not knowing part of your family until
after you are fifteen is hard.

    Isabella took her son, after he was born, and moved to London away from
Thrushcross Grange.  At the same time, she moved away from her husband,
Heathcliff.  During the time that Isabella and Linton were gone, Isabella got
sick and passed away.  Right before her death, a letter came saying that she
was dying so Hindley went to visit her.  While he was there, she did passed
on so he brought Linton back with him.  Once back, everyone looked after him
and made him feel at home.

    Heathcliff soon came to the knowledge that his son had returned to
Wuthering Heights.  He then sent someone to Wuthering Heights to get Linton. 
However, he did not know that Linton was already asleep so he did not get the
boy that night.  The next day the boy was taken to Heathcliff at Thrushcross
Grange.  The father and son were nothing alike, and Linton was intimidated by
his father.  He did stay, and meet some of his relatives that he had never
seen, who helped him adjust to living there.

    Everyday in our lives we run into situations that we wish we had never
been involved with.  I relate to the characters of Linton and Heathcliff.  I
am like Linton because people know who I am, but I never remember meeting
them, and am scared around them.  I also feel the same as Hindly might have
of.  This is because I would want to see the person I did not know, but then
I would not know how to cat around them.  In time people come around, but
others, as with Heathcliff and Linton, never come around.

    Everyday life is something we take for granted.

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  No matter how you feel,
you may never come to understand it, till you find someone else in the same
situation.  The above described situation only gives one instance of the many
situations in Emily Brontë's book, Wuthering Heights, were you could relate
your life to someone else's.  This book gives the true facts about what
family life is really like.

Note - This is contains serious errors. This author messes up the two households in the book, which could confuse a lot of students.
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