The First Person Narrative Wuthering Heights

The First Person Narrative Wuthering Heights

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The First Person Narrative Wuthering Heights

In Emily Bronte's text Whuthering Heights there are various characters that
exercise some form of narrative function and their roles interrelate with
their versions of what happens. The novel in presented in the first person
narrative throughout, with the bulk of the story being presented via three
main characters; Lookwood, Nelly Dean and Isabella with other characters at
time presenting there own small insights.

The first-degree narrator in Emily Bronte's text Whuthering Heights is
Lookwood. His voice is the first we hear from the outset of the novel and
essentially the entire story consists of the contents of Lookwood's diary
which e has compiled from various sources, including diary entries, the back
of books, stories that Nelly Dean tells him and his own first hand

Lockwood is described by Dr. Tony Miller in his tutorial on Whuthering
Heights as "A complete outsider...The London man, vein, convinced of his own
attractiveness, partronising to Nelly, he says 'Goodness, you are very
clever for a servant!'" is essence Lookwood is portrayed as a fool and he
has a very specific role to play in the text. Lookwood's primary function is
to demonstrate how not to understand the extraordinary people and events in
Whuthering Heights through bringing in his own assumptions about the
inhabitants of Thrush Cross Grange and Whuthering Heights Lookwood fails to
full understand these extremely complex characters. Look wood acts as a
reminder of the specialness of the people that we meet throughout the
progression of the story.

Nelly Dean is the person through whom we hear the bulk of the story, she is
telling Lockwood of her own experiences and the experiences of others, which

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have been told to her. At times this becomes a little awkward when Nelly
begins to tell of things that other people have told to other people, who
have told other people who have told her. Although this awkwardness is
justified by the vividness, directness and credibility that is exercised
through this form of narrative. Nelly is an "ordinary common sense person",
according to Dr. Tony Miller
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