Personal Narrative- Living Life on the Edge

Personal Narrative- Living Life on the Edge

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Personal Narrative- Living Life on the Edge

Heart racing, palms clammy, stuttering with nervousness. All things that usually don’t describe one’s favorite thing in the world, however in my case those are the common symptoms for my favorite way to relax in the world, adrenaline rushes. Anything that puts you so close to death you could touch it, but still hang on to a thread of life to pull yourself back up with. It sounds immature and irresponsible, I know, but don’t judge until you’ve tried, and I could never describe the rush and the complete whole, peaceful state of meditation adrenaline rushes put me in that makes all the danger in the world entirely worth it.

It was late afternoon in early July and the most clear day ever conceived. I spent most of the day hiking on a mountain in North Carolina, surprisingly not sweating all that bad, but growing impatient of when “paradise” would place itself in front of me as promised. Every time I asked I got a clone answer “soon”. Alright soon but define soon, soon could mean different things right? Wrong! Right as the last breath of my question left my mouth it fell in front of me , Paradise. Well, the middle of nowhere to be exact, but paradise all the same. It was the side of the mountain where a long cliff jetted out. Being the little daredevil I am I had to see more. I climbed down off the side of the mountain on to the ledge and walked to the very edge. As I walked further out it narrowed to a one foot across point. I sat down and dangled my feet and where earth was below me there was this little hidden beach with crystal blue water. Not a single footprint in the white sand with a soft flowing waterfall of clear water and soft gray rocks strategically placed to make up a true paradise. It was the most spectacular sight ever. It was truly the closest thing to heaven I had ever seen. I have been told that nothing is perfect, well obviously whomever said that had never been here. As I sat there with my feet dangling the pit of my stomach dropped.

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I became infatuated with the feeling. Those 13 minutes I sat there zoned out of the world and only in touch with me, myself and I, I learned the most wonderful lesson in the world, as crisp, fresh wind kissed my cheek, living life on the edge is literally what life is all about. Living life to the maximum is what living is all about. From that day I live by you’ve only got one life to live so I’ll do whatever I want.
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