Essay on Themes and Themewriting

Essay on Themes and Themewriting

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Essay on Themes and Themewriting

Writing what I want, how I want. Finding my own voice. I could write forever on things I enjoy writing about, but writing about writing it - that's another story. (did you notice how often I used 'writing or write'? maybe those are the words that will hold my paper together. ah - I don't know if anything will hold this together!)

I think I must speak first in defense of themewriting. As someone who has been away from structured writing for more than 20 years, I have to admit I enjoyed doing my first research paper last year. And it wasn't easy for me. It seems everyone else in the class thinks it is simple to slap together a theme paper. But I've been writing off the cuff for years and to actually research something and sound intelligent was a challenge.

In high school, I was fortunate enough to have great English teachers who let me use my creativity. In seventh grade, I would write plays, bring them to my teacher, and he would let us act them out. It was like that throughout my high school years. (no - I didn't continue writing plays - we out- grew my princess and dragon fluff by ninth grade!) I'm sure we did some themewriting, but I mainly remember writing 'my stuff'.

Having that kind of encouragement, I continued writing in that manner. When I had a column in our local paper, I wrote about what I wanted in the way I wanted to. It was an 'Erma Bombeck' type column and I just wrote whatever came to mind every week. I have a tendency to go for the laughs when I write. This paper is supposed to be my own thoughts, but I don't think it is supposed to be funny. That could be tough for me.

Now where was I? Oh yes, I was lost as usual!! Hmmmmm, finding my way, finding my way...

I'm really upset with myself. I like to write, but this paper has me befuddled. (isn't that a great word!) I guess I need a direction to be comfortable. It must be old age. A person is frightened when trying something unfamiliar, and doing so in this environment is really frightening. I keep thinking that I've always written in the dramatic style. And yet, I need a focus. Maybe what I used to write wasn't as unstructured as I thought.

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Okay - I just had a revelation. Hold on to your hats. I think I'm associating themewriting basically with your typical research paper. While I wrote what I wanted, how I wanted, I still followed a theme. If the story was about dirty socks, it was about dirty socks. (pretty profound, huh!) But, than again, this paper is about writing without themewriting, so isn't that basically a theme?

I certainly have been rambling in this paper. For those who are still with me, you may have noticed my confusion with themes and themewriting. Can you have one without the other? It depends on how you interpret 'theme'. After all, every paper is about something! If you look at it that way, every paper has some kind of theme. I guess it is the separation of theme and themewriting that I need to work on. Maybe by the end of this class, I will have it all figured out. (and maybe not!)
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