Going Beyond Theme Writing

Going Beyond Theme Writing

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Going Beyond Theme Writing

So here I am trying to think of something to write about that will go beyond a theme. My writing experiences have been pretty narrow minded. Basicly, if the writing was not in a theme format, I immediately excluded it. From elementary school and to today, research papers in theme formats were expected. I was not taught how to write in any other way. I figured that if my writing was accepted, if I got A's on them, and if the teachers never hinted as to any other way to write, there must be only ONE TRUE WAY TO WRITE! How Hitler-ish. Just as Hitler was wanting to rule the world of people, theme writing was to rule the world of writing.

So here I sit; trying to ponder what life would be like without a trace of theme writing. No more guaranteed A's. Professors wouldn't have any easy time grading papers - they will actually have to read all of the carefully constructed papers. We couldn't make them do that, now, could we?

Going 'Beyond a Theme'. Let me think about what that means to me. Should I analyze and tear it up trying to find a glimpse of meaning? What is 'Beyond a Theme'? (I see the light!) Asking me what is beyond a theme is just like asking me what is beyond the universe. What is out there is only a speculation. Scientists have studied that question for centuries and still have no clear answer. I could let my mind wander around and just think up an answer as to what is out there.

Wandering - my mind does that a lot. And in the middle of classes of all times! That universe thing is stuck in my head now. I have the planetary system stuck to my ceiling in my room here. The planets are not spaced at the correct scale distances though. Sometimes they fall down because they don't have enough sticky stuff holding them up. The world is ending! That would be a good excuse for handing this paper in late! The planets glow in the dark too. Stars are also up on the ceiling. "Reach for the stars." I was always told that when I set myself some goals.

Earth to me! I am in my dormroom not spaced out in my ceiling planetary system.

This non-theme paper. How does it sound?

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I don't feel like anything is happening here. Maybe I should analyze 'Beyond a Theme'. Maybe not. Analysis Paralysis. My gymnastics coach was always saying that to my team. Analysis Paralysis. I would be upright on the high bar hoping to go for my new release move. I would sit up there, eight feet above the ground and scared out of my mind; afraid that the most terrible thing would happen if I did one slight maneuver wrong. Hey, anything is possible. I would keep thinking and thinking - never moving. "Analysis Paralysis." You could hear my coach bellow from across the gym. Everyone would stop in their steps. You could sense how much authority he had over us. Back to that Hitler theme again. Not that word 'theme'.

I am beginning to think that the word 'theme' will be a cursed one for this class.

So I have already figured that 'Going Beyond a Theme' cannot be analyzed. Let us leave the analyzing to the hard core scientists. They can't find anything better to do than to sit and stare at weird experiments and try to better them. I am not a hard core scientist so I will not analyze. Analysis Paralysis - ingrained into me. That whole outside the universe idea isn't too bad. Aliens! They are... I don't know. Use your imagination! Is that how we are supposed to write? Maybe I get this! Aliens and non-theme writing. Who could have thought of a more bizarre combination? Is that what 'Beyond a Theme' is? Letting my mind wander and think up bizarre creations? Sound good to me.

Say the word 'Alien' to a hundred people and likely you will get one hundred different mental pictures of an alien. No one knows what they really look like (unless you are one). Purely speculation and imagination. Put that to non-theme writing. A person could write a piece and have a hundred people read it. A hundred different responses would be generated. What did we face in class as we read and discussed the readings? Some people take the idea surface as concrete. Others dig deeper and expound upon the given ideas. Still others pull in outside factors to add to the reading. So many different ways to respond to a piece of writing. So I guess that 'Going Beyond a Theme' would be any kind of writing (excluding that theme five paragraph ingrained stuff) that will generate a response.

Does this paper generate a response from anyone? Those hard core scientists won't like me because I will not implement their analyzing techniques. But those aliens will! Maybe this paper will bring interglobal peace and happiness between our world and another. Who knows.
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