Maturity: Being Considerate

Maturity: Being Considerate

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Maturity: Being Considerate

According to Webster's dictionary, maturity is due care or consideration. There are many different kinds of maturity depending on what a person places their emphasis on. One type of maturity, intellectual, is caring about your personal well being. The level of one's intellectual maturity shows their ability to handle certain tasks set before them. A person who is considerate of others shows signs of social maturity. The ability to interact with others is necessary in order to function as part of this society. Different types of maturity can be independent of each other; you can have a high level of intellectual maturity and a low level of social maturity or vise versa. As you will see from e-mails of former students, levels vary greatly from one person to the next. Maturity is not only how you interact with others, but also how you manage your own responsibilities and affairs.

An intellectually mature person demonstrates certain characteristics. The ability to follow instructions shows that you are willing to do things correctly in order to learn from the experience. To illustrate this point, say a student had difficulties using a particular program for an assignment. Even though this person disliked using the program that was required for the assignment, he understood the importance of doing his work correctly and he finished it despite the inconvenience. An example of a student who follows directions poorly is that of the student who just pasted in random responses for his log entry instead of doing the assignment as instructed. Another quality that a person must possess is open-mindedness. Being willing to explore new ideas and ways of doing things enriches a person's life. A Christian who is willing to learn the theory of evolution in order to broaden his mind set and to secure his beliefs is a good example of this characteristic. However, one student in particular believes that he does not need to use the library as a source in research because he believes that his information is better and more relative to his subject, which demonstrates his close mindedness because he is not willing to use other sources for information. A person's ability to understand their weaknesses and utilizing their abilities to the maximum shows their intellectual maturity. Take Timothy for example, he cannot grasp the concept of mathematics, so instead of failing the course, he takes the initiative to hire a tutor in order to assure that he will pass the class.

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On the other hand, a student who consistently excelled in a class then decided that they just didn't care and blew off the final exam, which made all of their hard work worthless, is an example of intellectual immaturity. A person's ability to realize and do what needs to be done, is a sign of self-motivation. For instance, Patsy does not understand the assignment for class, so she makes an appointment with her professor in order to get a better understanding of the subject. Because she did this she now can fully complete the assignment. However, in the case of a student who believes that they do not need to attend class or do assignments unless they want to, it demonstrates their complete lack of motivation to better himself or herself. These are just some of the aspects of an intellectually mature person.

A socially mature person must have certain acquired traits that are built over time, to be able to interact with others. Prioritizing what is important in a person's life is one of these traits. For example, Suzy&emdash;a typical college student&emdash;has an extremely busy schedule and is loaded down with work. However, she always makes time for God and her family. The fact that she has decided the importance of different aspects of her life and made time for them all, shows that she is a socially mature person. On the other hand, a student that turns down an important teacher conference to go tanning demonstrates that she places her social life above her studies. Another way to determine someone's social maturity is to examine a person's humility in different situations. In an e-mail given to Dr. Airaudi, a student said, "Thank you for allowing me to turn this in late…" He was willing to acknowledge that he was given a gift from a teacher. Looking back at the student who said, "I hope that you don't mind that I wrote on another topic of my choosing…" concerning the final exam in class, one can see that he believed his ways of doing things were better than the teacher's suggestions. In order for a student to work well with others, they must be courteous of other people and their ideas. A student who takes the time to make an appointment with a professor before class to discuss a project shows courtesy because he doesn't waste valuable class time for his questions. However, if a student had dropped in on a professor and expected him to turn all of his attention to his needs, this would demonstrate his social immaturity. A final aspect, and sometimes the most important one, is participation. In order for a person to be socially sound, they must be willing to participate in both group projects and fun activities. In doing both of these, he/she can understand other points of view and how to compromise with others. A student who is a member of a group, yet fails to participate in activities, and still wants to get credit for the work is a model of immaturity. Social participation is very important in everyone's life to make him or her well adjusted to the world around them.

As one can see, maturity is not something that simply comes instantaneously or naturally, as seen in the different personalities of the college students above. It is something that must be worked on, and the person who desires to be intellectually and socially mature must be willing to change his/her attitudes, study habits, or personality traits accordingly. Only then will a student be able to prove that he/she can react to the world situations in a positive manner.
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