9/11 Photo Essay

9/11 Photo Essay

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9/11 Photo Essay

The day of 9/11 is a day that will be in the back of everybodys minds for lifetime. On that sorrowful day four passenger airplanes were highjacked and ultimately crashed. Two of the airplanes crashed into each of the Twin Towers located in New York City. After the buildings burned for around 20 minutes they fell to the ground bringing along millions of tons of debris that killed many workers from both towers. One of the other airplanes crashed into the Pentagon also killing many innocent people. The last airplane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania after many believe that the passengers over powered the highjackers. Many people still morn the deaths of the victims from 9/11. From the second the planes crashed, people have tried to make money from this ordeal, making it one of the most advertised and talked about issue the US has ever seen.

The photos that are being displayed are showing the emotions that the camera wants to show us. We only feel emotion from this tragedy because we ether have known someone that has been hurt, or we have seen the event happen so many times we just start to feel sad for just trying to imagine it. It was said once that a picture is worth a thousand words. Those thousand words are being manipulated by who has taken the picture. Every event can be made to look bad by a certain camera angle. Every picture and camera is biased to someone's certain point of view. That point of view could either be of a bad or good emotional state. The pictures from 911 are showing the emotions, that he American public wants to feel. In order for America to feel good about killing hundreds of Afghannies we have to see these bad images over and over again so that we can not feel the littlest sympathy for those of the families that we bomb everyday. Since thousands of Americans have died, we should show these images that are all of sad emotions so we can get over this big mess.

The pictures taken on 911 are all in sad and shocking mood. There is no way to make 911 happy in any way. Any picture taken from 911 is going to have a very sad and depressing mood to it. But this is the way that day should be looked at, a very sad and depressing mode.

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This day should not be held as Patriotic Day. For one thing, why should we celebrate something so bad and hurtful? What we should do is make it a day of remembrance of what happened but not a national holiday. On the other hand, if we do make it a national holiday, it might give terrorist the idea that if they bomb us, will give them a holiday here and make them some kind of hero. But if we just keep 911 as a day to remember what happened and not to mourn it, the pain will go away and we can lead normal lives once again.

For the past year all you would see is pictures and video clips of those plans crash into the Twin towers. I knew people that in someway were affected by this disaster ether from not being let into their apartment till it was cleaned from poisons dust to being hit with debris when the buildings fell. I was shocked to what happened that day and I didn't realize what happened till I went to the site and saw what was the after math. After seeing this I felt sorrowful to the people who had died. I think the only way to grasp the seriousness of this issue you would have to actually see the rubble. Showing all the pictures and having every TV station playing the crashes just makes the US get sick of seeing it anymore. After a year the news has cooled down with showing all the crashes. This is just one more step on the stairway of leading our normal lives.

By now everybody and their uncle has seen the pictures and videotapes of those airplanes slamming into the Twin Towers and then watched them fall to the ground. Before that point many people were unaware there was terrorism happening. The second that airplane crashed everybody woke up from their unaware state of mind. 911 also made some people very rich from making those t-shirts of the towers going down or those NYPD hats. From those towers going down everyone made something from it. Weather it was living everyday knowing your wife died, to making a quick buck from some kind of postcards with the Twin Towers burning. But hopefully from this we will all learn to live for today and not wait till TOMORROW
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