Recording and Viewing Live Band Performances

Recording and Viewing Live Band Performances

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Recording and Viewing Live Band Performances

Many people enjoy listening to music, but are always really excited to go see a live performance of their favorite bands. There’s something about the atmosphere of being with thousands of people who all love the same band you do. Everyone is going crazing and yelling and screaming for joy. Then the show ends. After the show fans usually stop by the souvenir stands and by a shirt or poster to commemorate their trip to see their favorite band play live. But, what if the show didn’t have to end? What if there was a souvenir each fan could buy that made the show live on forever? The Grateful Dead and Phish, jam bands with a very dedicated following of fans, have come up with a solution to make the show live on. The idea started back in the 1960s and 1970s when the Grateful Dead developed their loyal following. The Grateful Dead allowed and actually encouraged their fans to record the bands live performances.

At the live shows there would be a sections blocked of for the tapers. They would all set up their recording equipment and would then capture every moment of the show. Then in 1983 Phish played their first gig and also started to develop a very loyal and dedicated fan base. Phish too allowed and encouraged their fans to record their live performances. The Dead heads and Phish heads that recorded the shows made the shows live on forever for many fans. The tapers first started trading tapes of the shows with fans who requested a specific show. Then they actually put all of their shows on the internet to be available for download for free. Sites were dedicated to downloading Phish and Grateful Dead shows. Any show you wanted was pretty much available for download and at no cost. This gave the loyal fans a chance to relive the experience they went through at the shows and was completely permitted by the bands even though they were not receiving any royalties. Now in the year 2004 other bands have finally caught on to the wonderful idea of recording live shows and making it available to their fans. However, it is not exactly the same way that the Grateful Dead and Phish used to do it. It all started when in 2003 Phish began an official website called www.

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Related Searches It is a site that the band themselves actually came up with. They offer a recording of every show the play for a price of $9.95 for MP3 form and $12.95 for FLAC form. Why would Phish fans want to pay for something they can get for free? The recordings of off are soundboard quality. The recordings they received before were not top quality. The Dead has also come up with another way to produce soundboard quality shows for their fans. Instead of a website, though, the fans order the CDs at the show and it is shipped to them at their house in a few days.

Now, there are recently two other bands that have started recoding their shows and putting them on a website for download for a fee also. Both the Dave Mathew’s Band and Metallica have seen the success of and want to indulge in the same media to further their profits. Both of these bands has either already started their own sites to have shows available for download or will soon start them up. Now their fans can also keep the show that they attended forever. It seems as some people are starting to catch on to the idea that the show never has to end. Why not be able to relive that magical moment when you were with thousands of other fans screaming and yelling for the same band? The internet allows fans all over the world to collect and hear their favorite bands during a live performance right in their homes.

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