Building the American Dream

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Building the American Dream Well for my parents, the American Dream was to come to America and make a new life for themselves. Back in China things weren't so easy. Earning a living was difficult. My parents heard of America and its great opportunities and high standards of living and so they prepared to come to the United States. As children, my parents lived in a old area of Fukein, China. Their lives were not easy. They woke up early in the morning to go to school then came back home to do their chores like cleaning, washing, cooking, watching over their brothers and sisters and working on their small farm. It was quite difficult and backbreaking but they needed to do all that to provide for the family in any way they could. For my mother is was even more difficult after the death of her father, my grandfather. She had to work extra hard to keep her household in order. As my parents became more independent, they knew that they wanted more for their children. When my parents got married, they planned immediately to start to save up money to go to America. They wanted a better life for themselves and their children. My father worked hard for the opportunity to come here and the hard work paid off. He spent some years in Hong Kong working in his family's herbal shop trying to save up enough money to come to America. The first to arrive in America was my mother. She was the one that was to start our lives here. When she arrived to America. She was pregnant and so working to make a living was kind of hard but had the support of my father and uncle. In 1979, my father took his first glimpse of his baby son and then went out to look for a job. It was difficult but it was a lot easier here then back at home. He soon established himself as a well known chef but his first job was as a busboy. After which he set up 3 restaurants for himself and became an entreprenuer, a dream like that many people had when they came to America. He was quite successful in his business and enjoyed his life here. However he faced much cruelty such as racism and inequality but he ignored that because those were only obstacles that he could like many other obstacles he had overcome.

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