Social Networking: Communicating, but Not Connecting

Social Networking: Communicating, but Not Connecting

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The winds of change have blown fiercely over the past decade. Today, technologically advanced mobile phones are all the rage. They are setting a new tone for the way we communicate and engage with one another.  Theses mobile phones have changed not only the we communicate, but also how we behave. They have changed our personalities. By being constantly connected with one another, we are actually trying to hide ourselves from having actual communication. We fear to have real conversations.

Advanced communication technology allows us to keep people at right distance, not too far, but not too close. E-mails, instant massages, posts in Facebook and “tweets” in Twitter cannot replace conversation, but they are occupying more space in our lives with each passing day. Technology makes us expect fast answers, while face-to-face conversation teaches us to be patient to a companion. Moreover, in the process of conversation with others we learn about our own personality.

Technology takes away this possibility of self-reflection, instead it offers us the opportunity to present ourselves in a way we want to be, but not in a way we truly are. It makes us believe that our retouched voices, faces and bodies are more appealing to others than our real personalities. In a world where we unlearned how to listen to each other, people tend to consider machines  as those who care about them. A boy wishes he could talk to an artificial intelligence program about dating, instead of talking to his father.

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Others hope that Siri, a digital assistant, will become more advanced, so that “she” will be more like a friend for them.

In conclusion, although we are constantly communicating, we are not connecting with others. This is completely different from face-to-face conversation, and, in fact can make us feel very lonely.
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