Brave New World and Frankenstein - Conflicts Between Scientific Knowledge and Social Responsibilit

Brave New World and Frankenstein - Conflicts Between Scientific Knowledge and Social Responsibilit

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Brave New World and Frankenstein - Conflicts Between Scientific Knowledge and Social Responsibility

Letter From the Savage ( Brave New World) to Victor Frankenstein ( Frankenstein)

Dear Dr. Victor Frankenstein,

Your response to my last letter was very prompt. As you know, ever since I set foot into this brave new world, my life has been a disaster. The society of this new world saddens me. The people who occupy this land feel no passion towards anything wonderful or beautiful. There is nothing natural about them. All they feel passionate about is their filthy soma in which I have attempted to free them of its chains (Huxley 210). It was the same dreadful drug that poisoned the body and soul of my beloved mother (Huxley 211).

This new world is the resultant the pursuit of scientific knowledge. The Ford conducted this experiment with the intentions of gaining a better understanding of science. Just as you made your dreadful creature, the Ford created something more hideous. I believe your intentions and the Ford’s intentions are pure and true, both of you never thought of the consequences. It is hard to believe that this world was created out of passion when none exists in this society. Frankenstein, your passion for your creation caused you to stay up day and night, but you never thought of the outcome. Your drive for grasping scientific knowledge made you create another human being without even thinking of the consequences. You released your creature out into a world it was not familiar with and it caused havoc in your life. If you were more responsible in your actions, your creature would not have caused such destruction in your life. The creature does not understand the society in which you live. The creation of your creature was science itself, but the passion behind it was found in your drive for mastering life. The intention of understanding life was lost in the uncontrollable obsession you had with creating another human being.

This hideous new world was the outcome of an experiment of science. The creation of this dispassionate world was the result of the Ford’s pursuit in scientific knowledge. At this point the world has become unreal and has been corrupted. The values of these inhabitants and their morals are completely foreign to me.

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As I was alienated from the savage world due to Linda and the lightness of my skin color, I am alienated from this world because their views are unreasonable to me. They have taken something as passionate as knowledge and turned it into something that is dead and programmed. People here are not allowed to think for themselves. The knowledge they claim to behold is knowledge that has been handed down to them. They have never heard of writers such as William Shakespeare, who strings words together and turns it into a form of art. The language of his defines beauty! It saddens me to know that these people will never understand and appreciate such beauty. All these people care for is their soma. There always seem to be soma to calm their angers, reconcile their angers, make them patient…they can carry half their mortality about in a bottle (Huxley 238)! The values of this society and the soma drug have robbed them of their ability to choose. The society, in which they live in, have made them prisoners within their own world without their realization. They will never be able to gain full knowledge nor will they ever experience the freedom of choice.

If only you could understand the world in which these people live. Through the process of the pursuit of scientific knowledge, their society has been distorted. They have taken a beautiful person, such as my beloved Lenina, and turned her into something cold and dispassionate. I have spoken to her about love, but she does not understand the magnificence of if. She claims that what I speak of is silly and has no meaning to her. I tried to erase her from my thoughts, but she haunts me at every corner. I have tried to escape from her and the society in which she associates, but it is hopeless. They have found me and have taken an interest in my every move. All these people are the same. The society is responsible for them not having any individual thought. They view me as a caged animal here on my isolated island because I am different. I was not raised in this backwards society and therefore do not understand it. I am filled with rage, anger, and such sadness. I was relieved to be able to retreat to an island I could call my own, but they have trespassed on my solitude.

I see that there is no other escape in this brave new world. It has caused such sorrow in my life. I feel that I can never understand the society in which these people dwell. The passionate search for scientific knowledge without thought of consequences behind this new world is responsible for an ugly and tormenting society. I cannot live in a world that does not understand me.


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