Love Story in Terry Kay’s To Dance With the White Dog and in the Movie O

Love Story in Terry Kay’s To Dance With the White Dog and in the Movie O

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Love Story in Terry Kay’s To Dance With the White Dog and in the Movie O

In the movie “O”, Desi and Odin, the main characters, share an unstable relationship due to their juvenile romance. The young couple struggle to support and trust one another throughout the movie. They must also deal with the lies and betrayal of their close friend Hugo. Their budding romance can be compared in many ways to the fruitful relationship of Sam and Cora Peek, in Terry Kay’s novel, To Dance With The White Dog. Sam and Cora Peek’s relationship is one that withstands the trial of time. Although both relationships began in the same manner, there are vital differences between the two that drastically separate them from one another.

There are many obstacles in the movie “O” that cause the ultimate failure of Desi and Odin. The young couple has trouble trusting one another because they are inexperienced and just beginning their relationship. There is little stability in Desi and Odin’s relationship partially due to the secretive way in which the couple must see one another. The lies of a close friend quickly make Odin doubt the loyalty of Desi and thus begin to tear apart the young lovers. Throughout the movie doubts and fears are instilled in Odin by his close friend, Hugo. It is these lies that quickly escalate into Odin’s belief of Desi’s betrayal. Ultimately Odin loves Desi so much he can not bear the thought of her with another man, nor can he bear the thought of a life without her. Odin’s irrational thoughts and impulsive nature destroy the love that Desi once harbored for Odin. The love of Odin and Desi is bittersweet in the end. Both of the young lovers die prematurely at the hands of Odin. The love of Odin and Desi is snuffed out due to their inexperienced youth, the pressures of society, and of their peer’s lies. The pressure of Desi’s father and his strong dislike of Odin also helps create doubt in Odin’s mind about Desi. The racial issues play a small role in Odin’s beliefs of Desi. Hugo points out to him that Desi is a white girl and white girls are sly.

In To Dance With The White Dog, Sam and Cora Peek share a life long commitment.

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The strong foundation for this commitment began early in their romance. Always honest with one another, Sam and Cora never had any reason to doubt each other or their relationship. The couple actually joked around about Sam’s “other” women, this helps to show the trust that Cora has in her husband. When they met, they were in college and already had some life experience of their own. As a young married couple, they did experience some difficulties however; they always worked through them with communication and trust. They had little outside opinion and skepticism to deal with. They were not looked down upon because of race and color as Desi and Odin were. As their relationship flourished they had children and this created strong family ties that are not easily broken.

The early romance of Sam and Cora can be compared to that of Desi and Odin. Though both couples loved one another very much, the way in which each relationship developed is substantially different. Cora and Sam’s relationship is based more on trust and stability than that of Desi and Odin. The relationships however started out much the same, with each couple being introduced by a mutual friend. Another major difference is that Sam and Cora are married, while Desi and Odin are merely high school students that are dating. Sam and Cora’s relationship did not have to overcome a manipulative third party, unlike Desi and Odin who were plagued daily by their friends. Desi and Odin’s adolescent relationship simply was not strong enough to withstand such devious plots against them. The drug abuse throughout the movie, O, also played a major role in the manipulation of Odin’s thought processes, and ultimately his final decisions. Sam and Cora lived in an era when drug abuse was less common, therefore they were not confronted with this problem.

Throughout their relationship, Odin and Desi continuously struggle with negative outside pressures that they must try to overcome. This makes it difficult for them to withstand a long lasting relationship. Cora and Sam Peek however, do not have to deal with the trials and tribulations that Odin and Desi must go through on a daily basis. Each couple must learn that it takes a high level of trust and commitment to make any relationship thrive and flourish. The foundation of Odin and Desi’s relationship lacks in stability much more than that of Sam and Cora Peek. The ending to each of theses love stories is very different in nature. One is a tale of true love and everlasting happiness, while the other is a tale of crossed lovers that simply were not meant to be.

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