Contemplating The Hours

Contemplating The Hours

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Contemplating The Hours

The Hours is about 3 women, Virginia Woolf,Laura Brown and Clarissa Vaughan who all have the same feeling in common. Each of the the women in three different time periods from in the 1940's, 1950's and the 1990's all share the thoughts of failure. Woolf thought she had failed as a writer, Brown thought she was a failure as a wife and mother, Vaughan also thought she was a failure as a writer. Each of the women also desired to escape out of their lives in the manner of suicide. Woolf's suicide was accomplished in the beginning of lthe story. Brown's attempt of suicide nixed by coming home and then later leaving her family. Vaughan's suicide thoughts was scrubbed when her friend Richard, fell to his death from a window because lhe was tired of living and he also felt that he was a faiiure.

Woolf, Brown , and Vaughan also had a common bond in their position in relationships. Each of the women were in relationships that were dominated by the male dominance. Woolf had the dominating husband, Leonard who was tough as nails and critical. He always wanted perfection from those he worked with for example Ralph, whom he was always critical and hard on in terms of his work, Virginia always felt sorry for him but never would speak against her husband. She felt that she had to defend or to stand with him no matter what even if he was wrong. Brown felt that she had to have everything perfect ( the incident with the cake), yet, her husband was the middle class successful husband. Brown in the time where the husband would go off to work and the wife would stay home and take care of the family. Brown in the meantime would adore her husband and her family, yet, she would have feelings of despising her husband(he grossing her out with the way he spit over the cake when he blew out the candle on his cake), Brown also desired to get away by way of suicide ( when she checked herself in at the hotel as if she was doing something slutty and in secret) but she did not have the heart to kill herself. What she did was continue to read the book written by Virginia Woolf, whom she was an avid admirer of her. Brown was intrigued with the manner in which Woolf killed herself.

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Vaughan, on the other hand, also had issues with the male ran role of having to prove herself in the businessworld dominated by men. Vaughan, friend, Sally, also had to prove herself in the male dominated work world of men, whereas she was ignored by the men and the decisions were made by the men although they asked for her input. She was there and yet, she did not want to be there. The biggest challenge was the love she had for Richard but yet, she alo had love for Sally. Clarissa was also the protector, the mother for Richard. She wanted more from Richard But she could not get it from him. She left him on the corner 30 years ago.

All three women also had sexual desires and preferences. Each of the women had explored the relationshp and feelings for the same sex in female interest the Gay, lesbian tendencies. Woolf had the feeling for her sister Vanessa when she had planted the forbidden kiss behind Nelly's back but she loved her husband, Leonard; Brown had the feeling for her neighbor Kitty when she came to tell her about her surgery and she hugged and kissed her in front of her son Richie in the kitchen but she loved her husband Dan; and Clarissa had the same sex relationship with Sally but, her feelings for Richard was there as well.

Woolf, Vaughan, and Brown all thought she had failed. Yet, each of the women had struggled through each of her feelings. One succeeded in death, but she was a successful writer. Brown left her family and moved to Canada. Yet, her son Richie which grew up to become Richard, a successful poet was successful. Richard succeeded in suicide where his mother had failed. Vaughan had become a famous writer in her own right. Although, each of the women had their own struggle to deal with, it is proven that even in a male dominated world, women can make it regardless of different lifestyles and different time periods.
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