State Wrestling Championship

State Wrestling Championship

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State Wrestling Championship

All my hopes and dreams had come true. I have been wrestling since I was twelve years old. Ever since then I've been trying to accomplish my dream of going to the Colorado State Wrestling Tournament. I decided that I wanted to be a good wrestler, and I wanted to be one of the top wrestlers in the state. I knew that the only way to accomplish my goal was to start wrestling as soon as possible and never give up.

The second year of high school I was given my shot to go to state and accomplish my dream. My season was going pretty good, and I had a very good chance of making it to state. In the match that would have sent me to state, I choked and lost. I was so heart broken that after the tournament I cried 'til I couldn't cry any more. After I was done crying, I became so angry I didn't speak to my parents or any that tried to talk to me for days. To make matters even worse, our team placed first in the 3A state wrestling championship. The team that I could have been on was state champions and I could have been there.

I decided that I was going to make it to state the next year, and I trained as hard as I could to prepare myself for it. The next year I wrestled with my heart and desire. When I started wrestling that year, I knew I was going to make it to state. I knew no one could stop me.

After qualifying at regionals in Montrose to go to state I was so happy. When I arrived at state wrestling in Denver I was so excited. I hardly got any sleep that night. I was so ready to enjoy the hard fruits of my labor. I told myself I was not only up here to win state, but I was also there to enjoy myself.

When I arrived in Denver, and took my first glimpse of the Pepsi Center; it reminded me of a castle with huge glass windows. It stood four stories tall. Towering over me, like a huge beast waiting to strike. I was ready to show the crowd in this huge castle that I was a supreme warrior. As I walked through those huge glass doors, I felt like this was it.

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After I passed through those doors, I realized there is no turning back. When I saw this magnificent building, I knew that two years of struggling to get to state was worth it. Being at the Pepsi Center for the state-wrestling tournament was overwhelming. I felt a feeling of pride and accomplishment for the first time in my life. I had done something that no one in my family had done, and I was one of the top wrestler's out of the 3A regional tournament.

As I walked in to the arena, there was nothing but dead silence. The air seemed to be frozen solid, because of how cold it was. As I started to take a breath, my nostrils opened up to collect the air, but my nose was frozen solid from the cold air. Every breath I tried to take was like trying to breath though a cold sheet of ice. No matter how hard I tried to breath I couldn't seem to do it. It was so cold that when I tried to eat my nutrition bar, it seemed to be stuck to my tongue, and every bite was like chewing on a hard rock.

After we got through the entrance I started to look around and I realized that there were many superstars and hockey players who had walked on the very spot that I was standing. I felt so proud and honored to go into battle in such a spectacular arena.

We then started to walk into the main arena of the Pepsi Center. It was incredible; I just about fainted when I saw how huge it was. There were twelve mats laid out across the floor of the arena. Each mat was a different color. The arena seemed to be filled with colors and lights. The stands seemed to reach to the heavens. As I looked at this magnificent place, I thought about how it must feel to be a professional athlete walking through this entrance and seeing thousands of fans screaming for you. Plus, all the pressure they have to deal with must be pretty hard to cope with. Just knowing that there was going to be thousands of people watching me, got my blood pumping. I knew as soon as I walked though the entrance that I was ready to wrestle. I said to myself, "No matter what happens, I know I'm going to do my best".

When I was down on the mat actually wrestling I was so scared because of how many people were watching my every move. When I was wrestling I could hear the crowd stand up and cheer when each match ended. I seemed to want to watch the crowd more than they wanted to watch me. I kept looking around at people to see if they were watching me instead of wrestling. It was hard not to look around with everyone screaming and yelling. When I looked up from the mat at the referee my mind started to wonder instead of thinking what my first move was going to be. Being down in the pit of the arena made it really hard to concentrate with all the other things going on.

We started making our way to some seats in the upper second row. As we started up to our seats, it felt like we were climbing a mountain. I thought I was in shape before we came to the Pepsi Center, but going up those couple of flights of stairs, I knew I wasn't in as good of shape as I thought.

The seats were pretty comfortable and they even had their own little cup holders. After I sat down, I caught my breath and I started to look around. As I was looking I happened to notice the huge "Avalanche Mountain" made out of paper mache that the Avalanche skate through every home game. Plus there was a huge four-sided TV that everyone could see no matter where you sat, because it was hung from the roof in the middle of the arena. There was also a little digital bar that ran all around the second story of seats that had all the sponsors and other promos running on it. They had the Stanley Cup Flag hanging on the highest beam in the stadium.

After sitting up in the stands for a while, the Referees started giving us instructions of what was expected and how we would weigh in each day. So after I weighed in and we started to do the preliminaries. There were about 100-156 people in the stands, to watch the first day. As I was looking around I noticed that the bottom row seats were brown and the upper rows of seats were green.

We wrestled for three days straight. On the second day a lost my second match by one point to a kid I beat all year. I had won two matches and lost two matches and was one point away from placing on my four and final match. On the third day there was about 1,000 people. It was incredible how many people were there. There were so many people; it reminded me of a Broncos game and all the fans staring at them. The finals were so crazy it was very loud. Every time someone would take someone else down in a single leg the crowd would roar like a lion.

After the three days of wrestling, I was so happy I got to go and compete. On the way home I kept thinking about how glad I was that I had made it to state. I knew that I would come back next year and place.
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