Reduced Poaching Incidents due to Increased Poaching Laws

Reduced Poaching Incidents due to Increased Poaching Laws

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Reduced Poaching Incidents due to Increased Poaching Laws

While driving down and old dump road, Curly, as we will call him, spotted some deer just off the road. Slowing down he realized that the few deer that he had seen were all exceptionally fine bucks. Driving off he ponders whether he should go back and take these exceptional deer. Screech!!!! He flipped a 180 and headed back. Arriving back he picks out the nicest one of the bunch and reaches for his gun. Resting the gun in the door, he takes aim and shoots. The deer falls and the rest run for fear of being shot too. Curly pulls away knowing he had just taken a very fine deer. Later that night Curly returned with his friend Moe, his name for the time being, to retrieve the antlers from the deer he had shot earlier. They both exit the vehicle and walk over to the deer. Taking the saw, they slowly cut off the horns. About two months later the two boys were stopped by a wildlife official and were questioned about the shooting. They told the truth and now they both face huge fines, community service, possible jail time and felony charges.

Poaching has been done ever since the first regular hunting season was formed. Most at that time poached to stay alive by using the meat and hides. In the present day some people still poach just to stay alive but the main concern is the taking of trophy size animals. The horns of and big buck or bull sell for exceptionally high prices. This is a big concern for the animals and for the people who depend on their existence for survival.

Colorado has had one of the biggest problems with poaching. Well, they did for a while. Since a magnificent bull elk named Sampson was killed in Estes Park in the 1990's, Colorado has increased laws on poaching a great deal (Taking aim). This incident gave hunting a new name. People began to believe that hunters were only killing to "stuff a trophy" or "get a wall hanger" (Taking aim). The Sampson Law

Some people think that those who poach have their own rights because the game is on their property or they are in need. In some cases this is true, but only to a certain extent. They state that if the person who owns the property stocks the lake or creek, or has problems with excessive game animals on his or her property, then this will fall into play.

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Even then they have to apply for special tags to take the game.

In the last twenty years poaching laws have increased and so has the abilities of the poachers. With the outrageous fines and possible jail time it really has helped keep "hunters" like Curly and Moe from becoming second time offenders. Most of the reported people who have poached are second time offenders and by taking away all their freedom and ways they could possibly hunt, it decreased the chances of them doing it again.
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