Artists Should not be Resposible for Explicit Lyrics and their Impact on Kids

Artists Should not be Resposible for Explicit Lyrics and their Impact on Kids

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Artists Should not be Resposible for Explicit Lyrics and their Impact on Kids

"Turn that music off! I don't want you listening to that kind of music." Many teens these days are experiencing this kind of thing almost every day. Many parents, in general, have complained and tried to regulate the music that teens are listening to these days. They complain that the music industry shouldn't be able to sell and produce the explicit CD's.

The music industry gets a lot of criticism about the music that they put out on the market. Most of the criticism comes from the parents. There are bills passed, such as the "Parental Advisory Program," which enforce that CD's with explicit lyrics have to have a label on them that state, "Explicit Lyrics" or "Explicit Content" (Parental Advisory). This sticker cautions the person who buys the CD that there is bad language or content. The recording industry takes serious responsibility to help parents identify the music with explicit lyrics.

The battle between the parents and the music industry still continue to this day. The Parents' Music Resource Center (PMRC) still thinks that there should be more of a regulation on the music than what there is now. "The 'gangsta rap' is just to vulgar for young teens to be listening to. It brainwashes them and sometimes even persuade them to do unlawful things" (Hip-Hop Lyrics). On the other hand the music industry has the "Parental Advisory Program." Therefore if the CD's with the explicit lyrics were restricted in any way it would bring unconstitutional restrictions on the First Amendment right of artists to express themselves freely, and their fans' right to hear what the artists express whatever the subject might be" (Explicit Lyrics). Many say, "What about 'Cop Killer' doesn't that depict that they go out and gunning down cops as a hobby of some sort." Rapper Ice-T himself comes back with, "'Cop Killer' is a work of musical fiction used in the hip-hop world" (Hip-Hop Lyrics).

Some people argue that the explicit lyrics label actually boosts the sales by drawing attention to the labeled album. "Warning labels sell albums. A lot of groups want warning labels" (Between...Place). Many believe that stores should have more of a restriction on which they sell the explicit CD too.

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"Most stores sell to teens 16 and up and that's too young of age" (Between...Place). Others argue that the age for a driver's license is 16 so they have the ability to make good decisions at that age.

The biggest argument up to date is "Don't lyrics that deal with sex, violence, drug use, suicide, etc. cause people to act one way or another?" The answer is no, no and no. "No, exposure to the content of any form of artistic expression has ever been established. The gangsta rap artists are used more as a scapegoat" (Explicit Lyrics). For example singer Ozzy Osbourne has been sued three times by parents who claimed that his 'Suicide Solution' made their sons kill themselves. In all of these cases the courts rejected the idea that artists can be held responsible for the acts of unstable individuals.

The artist has the right to produce and express what they feel according to the First Amendment. If you are a halfway sane person you know what the difference between right and wrong is. Just cause an artist says something like, "I gonna bust a cap in yo ass," doesn't mean that it is right and that they are really going to do that. The fact of the matter is if the parents and other critics of the "gangsta rap" genre care so much about how the music is going to affect their kids than they themselves should regulate what their kids are listing too. Don't use the artists as a scapegoat.
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