Paying Via Cell Phone

Paying Via Cell Phone

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New Kind of Cell Phone

It was like any other school day. I walked from class to class wondering why I had to come to school everyday. I would usually get to school for my weights class at about six in the morning and leave after my practice at six at night. This usually made for a super long day of school. The first two hours of the day were the easiest to get through, but by the time English rolled around I was ready for a nap. I stumbled into my English class and took my usual seat toward the back of the room. Mr. Schmidt, my English teacher, was taking roll and blabbering on about who knows what. Finally, he told us what we were doing today in class. Our assignment was to write some kind of a research paper on a new technology that we thought would be big and important. He gave some examples to the class and talked a little about each one. As Mr. Schmidt talked, my mind wandered to different places.

Wouldn't it be awesome to go to the store or gas station and not have to carry your wallet with you all the time? Or, what about buying some snacks and a pop from a candy machine with no money, but pay with the simple touch of a button? These were some of the last questions I heard my English teacher ask the class as I drifted in and out of consciousness. Mr. Schmidt was trying to explain to my class how this new high tech cell phone worked. The scanner communicates with a wireless network that takes the cost out of a credit card or account, depending on which one is set up to the phone.

I was not interested in talking about some cell phone with some kind of special buying powers that worked like a phone, yet could be used like cash or credit cards. All I wanted to do was sleep. Before I knew it, the words had all stopped, and I was in a deep sleep.

It was the latest style of cell phone out, and everybody wanted one. It was amazing. Who would have thought that a cell phone could be used just like a credit card? There were no more worries about losing a wallet full of credit cards and cash. The new cell phone had it all.

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It was like an electronic purse or wallet. If you needed to call someone, you could; if you needed to buy something, you could. It was all there for you at a touch of a button. It was new, it was easier, and it was the coolest technology around.

This new technology was everywhere I went. It was on the radio, TV and billboards, always a constant reminder to me and everybody else in the world, that you had to have one of these new cell phones. It was the hottest thing out since the radio, and experts said it was the biggest technology breakthrough in history. These new cell phones were a way of the future and would be how everybody shopped from here on out. I either needed to get one, or be left in the dark ages of using cash and credit cards.

I was just like everybody else and could not wait until I could afford one of my own. Being a senior in high school, I always wanted to keep up on the latest fads so I could be considered "cool". I got a job after school, which really surprised my parents, just so I could earn the money faster. I worked wherever and whenever I could, doing anything to scrounge up money for my own personal cell phone. The day I had enough money, I went straight to the mall to pick out my new talking credit card.

I was so excited I could hardly sit in my seat as I drove my old, beat up Subaru to the Mall. It was amazing that I never saw a cop on the way because I am sure I had to be speeding the entire way. I slid around the corners as I approached the parking lot to the mall, and jumped out of my car before I had finished shutting of the engine. I rushed inside, weaving in and out of people. The AT&T store was the third store on the left, so I ran the whole way there. When I reached the AT&T store, I went straight to the rack of new phones.

I picked out a small, gray Nokia phone. I got my plan all setup and received some instructions on using the phone and buying stuff. I paid for it and left to try it out. The manager said I would love it, and if I had any problems just bring it back. I knew I would love it, and prayed I would have no problems. It was the best day ever, and I could not wait until I could go and try out my new phone. I rushed out of the mall, jumped into my brown 1986 Subaru, and went looking for a store where I could buy something to test out my new electronic wallet.

The first place that came into sight was McDonalds. I searched for the closest exit off the highway and went straight toward the restaurant. I did not want to get out of my car for fear my legs would not hold me up because I was so excited. I went through the drive-through, and ordered a Big Mac, paying for it with my cell phone. The payment was simple. All I had to do was hold my phone up to a scanner, one similar to what grocery stores use to scan items. It read my information, processed it, and then my lunch was paid for. It was faster than paying by cash or credit card, and was a whole lot easier for the cashier. It was unbelievable. I almost expected it would not really work, but it had. It was almost like a dream, too good to be true.

Smack! My head flew up and I almost fell out of my chair. Standing right in front of me was Mr. Schmidt holding a yardstick in his right hand and a not so happy look on his face. I quickly looked around the room and discovered that the whole class was focused on Mr. Schmidt and me. He asked in a very irritating voice, "Just what on Earth do you think you are doing?"

The class broke out in laughter. I was sitting in front of Mr. Schmidt wiping the sleep out of my eyes with him standing in front of me giving me a shower of spit as he yelled at me for falling asleep in his class. My face turned red as the class erupted with laughter, and my anger start to rise. I hated being made fun of, and right now Mr. Schmidt was doing a good job of embarrassing me. The look on Mr. Schmidt's face went from mad to ugly in a hurry. It was a known fact that nobody was to sleep during his class. The last kid that had fallen asleep had gotten a smack in the back of the head instead of the initial warning smack on the desk. Mr. Schmidt said, "We have a paper to write, so you had better get started." He then turned and stomped back to his desk, not believing that someone had the nerve to fall asleep in his class.

The only topic I could remember hearing before I fell asleep was something about a cell phone that could be used to purchase food or clothing like a credit card or cash. Since that was the only topic I could remember, I decided that maybe I could find enough information to make up some kind of a paper. I asked around the class to see what I could find out about this new talking wallet, and I started to write ideas down on paper. I thought back to a dream I had just had and realized that maybe this would be a huge breakthrough in the technology world if this new cell phone really did work. Ring! The bell rang and I walked out of class excited to start writing my paper on the phone that could change the world. I could not wait until I could afford a phone of my own.
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