Technology - A Futuristic Prom

Technology - A Futuristic Prom

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A Futuristic Prom

RING, RING! "Hello, this is Matty337."

"Hey Matty337, it's Zinc451, what's up?"

"Nothin' much, I am just enjoying my Saturday afternoon home alone."

"Oh, I Just called to ask you a question."

"What is it Zinc? Is something wrong?"

"No, Matty, I was just wondering if... well I know it's kind of short notice, but I was wondering if... you would like to go to the Neptunian Starlight Prom with me."

"Sure Zinc I'd love to go!"

"Yeah, I'll pick you up at 7:30, O.K.?"

"Ya, I'll see you at 7:30, bye!"

"Bye, Matty!"

Finally, he asked me. I've been waiting all my life for Zinc to ask me out on a date. After all, I've only had a crush on him since the year 2149. Just think, the most astronomical guy in school asked me to the Neptunian Starlight prom of the year 2153. It's going to be the best night of my life!

Oh no, I totally spaced it out. The prom is tonight and I don't have a dress. The Mars Mall is too many miles for my spacecraft to fly this afternoon from my galaxy purple house on 95070 Jupiter Street. What will I do? Suddenly, it dawns on me; I can order a dress off of the Universal Wide Web and have it teleported to my own house!

My teleporter is a very complex machine used to make one object disintegrate and appear somewhere else in perfect replica. This is a machine that works on 3-dimensional objects as opposed to 2-dimensional sheets of paper. It looks almost like a fax machine and scans the original object, breaks it up into billions of tiny atoms, scans it to a new location and rearranges it in its perfect form.

I run down stairs as quick as possible, there is no time to waste. I open the office door and plop down in the chair in front of my new 2153 Model Astrocomputer. After turning on the super fast computer and atomic laser printer I begin to work. When the 3-D super pixel screen comes up I immediately click on the blue U for Universal Explorer. I plug in my Interstellar Satellite Modem. I go to the top of the screen where the word DESTINATION: jumps out at me. I suddenly get a rush of excitement all throughout my body. Finally I am going to get the perfect prom dress! I click on the destination box and begin to type- www.

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. I pause for a moment as my hands begin to shake. Next I type cybergowns. Now all that is needed is .com and I am instantly connected to prom dress heaven. Now I just have to find that perfect pale blue dress I have always wanted. After cyber-surfing the internet for about an hour I can't seem to find that perfect dress I have been dreaming of. I get to the last page on and while its loading, I decide that if it's not on this one, then I will wear my dress from last years Venetian Nights dance, or I just simply won't go. So, I am counting down the seconds until the page is loaded-10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and finally the page shows up. On it is the most beautiful prom dress I have ever set my eyes on. I click on the dress in pale blue and type my size into the space at the left. Now, all I need is a way to get it here by tonight, oh, and of coarse I'll need some shoes to match. I reach to my left and hit the ON button to my brand new teleportation machine. While waiting for it to warm up, I feel
the excitement rising in my body. Brrmmm, that's the sound that the teleportion
machine makes when it is ready to rumble. All I have to do is click the large
green SEND button on my computer's screen. I take a deep breath in and let
the clean air fill my lungs. I pick my hand up and slowly set it on the mouse. Suddenly time seems to slow down as I glide the pointer carefully to the SEND button in the top right hand corner. I slowly lift my finger and quickly let it down with a rapid motion. Now the deed is done, I just bought my new prom dress for the Neptunian Starlight Prom of the year 2153. I just have to wait a few more short seconds for my new beauty to arrive via my teleportation transmitter.

I watch closely at the transmitter's arrival chamber. While waiting
patiently, I try to imagine just how cute I will look in my beautiful new dress
with Zinc linked to my left arm. I can see it now, the announcers say our
names: Matty337 Magnesium escorted by Zinc451 Lozenge. And the crowd goes wild! All eyes are on me during those few seconds of fame. We walk through the grand march and go sit down in the comfortable floating chairs, both
wearing huge smiles.

My parents told me about when Star Trek became popular in 1966 because of its new idea of the teleportation machine. Jean Roddenberry wrote about the characters: Captain Kirk, Spok, and Dr. Mccoy; being beamed from the earth's surface up to the space shuttle on a distant planet. This was where the saying, "Beam me up Scotty" originated. Although scientists are not sure how this teleportation machine would work, the characters on Star Trek were vanished into a silver glittery substance before disappearing into thin air. In the days of the star trek series, teleportation was considered science fiction in a world where teleportation wasn't even considered a reality. In 1993, Charles Bennet and his team of researchers found that teleportation could be possible, but only if the original copy of the teleported substance was destroyed immediately. In 1998, physisists in California plus two European groups turned the ideas of the IBM company into reality by teleporting a photon, which is a particle of energy that moves light. The goal was to read the atomic structure of the photon across a meter of cable and create a replica of the photon on the opposite side of the cable. The original photon no longer existed after the replica was made.

Beeeeeeeeeeep! The teleportation machine makes another noise, I shake my head and snap out of this wonderful learning experience. As I watch my dress appearing before my eyes I instantly fall in love. Hopefully the dance will be as ethereal as I have imagined. Finally, all the molecular particles of the dress are arranged before my eyes. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and it looks even cuter in real life than it did on my computer screen.

I rush upstairs to my room at the end of the long skinny hall. I shut my door and take my dress off the hanger. Its smooth texture glides over my skin as I put it on. It is so extravagant that I get caught up in the moment and almost
forget to breath. I run my fingers across the pale blue roses and realize they
are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Now all I need to do is
program my holographic shoes to match and I am ready to dance the night away.

I think to myself, Zinc is going to be the luckiest man on this planet when he
sees me tonight.

I wonder how many years it will be until I can have Zinc teleported to me. To teleport a person it would take a machine that would analyze all the trillions of atoms that make up the human body. The machine would send the information to another location where the body would be reconstructed. Hopefully the molecules wouldn't be even a millimeter out of place, or some severe neurological or physiological defect would occur. Someday scientists are going to continue improving the concept of teleportation to the point that we may one day be able to be teleported without cruel complications. Although it has been possible to teleport one atom, it is undetermined whether larger objects will
ever be teleported in this method of communication.
DING, DONG! The door bell startles me as I look up and realize that it is
already 7:30. I run to the door and turn the knob. After pulling it open,
there stands Zinc, the most dreamy date ever imagined. He says, "Well what are
we waiting for? Are you ready to go?"

I reply with a quick, "Yes"

We quickly go outside and hop in Zinc's 2153 model Mustang Spacecraft. At last, I am off to the Neptunian Starlight Prom, and I owe it all to my remarkable teleportation machine.
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