Comparing My Education and My Grandparent's Education

Comparing My Education and My Grandparent's Education

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My education and my Grandparent's education have been extremely different. My education has seemed to evolve around everything electronic; most of it has came from books and computers. My Grandpa said most of his education came from work. Grandpa graduated from high school in 1957. My Grandma did not graduate, but she received her G.E.D. in 1982.

Grandpa said there wasn't much too his high school education. He said there wasn't anything electronic in the school at that time, calculators or computers. Unlike now, the lockers in his school didn't have locks on them. He said that most of his learning came from reading in books. Occasionally the school would get a guest speaker, although this didn't happen often.

During my education, teachers have had many more resources available to them than they did during my Grandpa's time. Calculators, computers, and TV are everyday tools used for teaching. Teachers taught us how to use a calculator at a very early age. Since the fifth grade, I have used a computer to write or research most of my asiments. Every year, the amount of work I do on a computer increases.

We now use computers every day, as well as graphing calculators and other technological advances such as the scanner and the Internet. We use computers to do anything from typing English papers to checking our e-mail. My Grandparents never imagined things such as the computer, let alone the Internet.

My Grandparents attended classes, such as basic math, English, reading, shop and science. The math they took is now compared to the math I took in the sixth grade. Now many different classes are available to students, and if the school doesn't offer the classes the student can take them on line. One thing that confuses them is that I can type something at school, then email it to myself and type on it at home later. In some of my classes, we build web pages; my Grandparents have no idea what a web page is.

Another major difference in our education is the size of the school and the number of kids in each class. My Grandparents' school was small compared to our school, and our school is small compared to most schools to day. My Grandpa's graduating class had 20 kids in it and that was considered a large class. My class now has 67 kids in it and is considered a small class.

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One kid I talked to from Denver has 700 kids in his class.

My Grandpa said the main reason he stayed in school was to play sports. The reason I stay in school is so when I graduate I can go on to college. My Grandpa said that back then; you really did not need to have that good of and education to get a good job. It wasn't like it is now, where you have to go to college to get a good job, unless you go to work in the coal mine.

My education and my Grandparents education have been very different. I think that my education and my Grandchildren's education will be just as different, but in other ways. Schools probably won't be called schools anymore, they will be probably be called Learning Institutions. Computers will probably be something of the past along with TV, movies and calculators. Everything they learn will be taught to them over a computer like-thing. The computers will probably look like a laptop, only smaller and lighter. The connections will be very fast. The Internet will be something of the past, something newer, faster and better will be used.

The student's computers will all be attached to the same line and the teacher will just put the assessments on his computer and send them to the students. They will be able to do almost everything online. The students will not even have to come to school most of the time if they don't want to. The only reason they will have to come to school will be to take tests. The students will not be called by name; they will each have a code that they use for everything. They will put their code, instead of their name, on their papers. To get on a school computer they will have to enter their code, so then the school can track anything they do. The lockers will have locks on then that use the same code as every thing else.

This will be good because now there is the problem in some places with ranch kids getting to school. Some ranches I know in Utah are two or three hours away from a county road, then still another couple hours away from a town with a school. Those kids could just take their classes over the Internet and not have to worry about getting to school everyday.

You will be able to take any type of class you want over the computer. The only class you won't be able to take over the computer is Psychical Education. The government will require you to take at least one class of Psychical Education a year. You could probably get a four-year degree while you are still in high school.

There will probably be cameras in the halls; classrooms and almost everywhere else there might be students. It wouldn't surprise me if they even have cameras in the bathrooms and locker rooms. If you do something disruptive in class you will get sent to the office at once, instead of the teacher trying to take care of it. If you get in a fight or threaten somebody you will be suspended automatically and maybe expelled. One thing that will change is, if you didn't start the fight, or do anything to cause then you will get in trouble for defending yourself.

If you do get expelled you will have to go to a special school. It will be kind of like a military school, but not as strict. The main difference between the special school and a military school will be that you don't get all the military training. You will have to live there for at least a month, and then you can start living at home again. You will have to do pushups and run just like military school so you can use up all that anger that caused you to fight. The schooling will last a year, and then you will be able to go back to normal school.

One of the biggest differences between my education and my Grandchildren will be that they will probably have school year around. I go to school from the end of August to the end of May, and have from the end of May to the end of August off. My Grandchildren probably won't have much time off of school. They might have a week here and there but not much.

Another change will be that the schools probably won't serve lunch anymore. There will probably just be some fast food places in all the schools, and the students will have to buy their lunch there or bring their own lunch. This change will be bad because the fast food places are not very healthy places to eat.

One thing that I think will not change very much will be sports. I think that sports will still have a huge effect on the students. There will still be the favorite sports like basketball, football, volleyball, wrestling and track. I think that there will be some different sports added to C.H.S.A.A., like tennis and soccer.

I also think that speech and knowledgebowl will be larger because of the emphasis put on the learning part of school. One thing they will loose a lot of in these schools, is the social learning part. That is on of the most important parts of the school, because without that social learning the students will not know how to act and react in the real world.

Technology is what made my education and my Grandparents education different and that is what will make mine and my grandchildren's education different. They will use things I never dreamed they could come up with, just like my Grandparents never dreamed of the thing I use now.
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