Perspectives of the Characters in The Young Housewife

Perspectives of the Characters in The Young Housewife

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Perspectives of the Characters in The Young Housewife

From the first stanza we decipher that there is a young housewife moving about her husbands house in negligee. Some important questions that come to my mind are: Is she alone?, and why is she moving? The answer to both of these questions we do not know.

Is this young housewife dancing around the house in her negligee because her and her husband had a wonderfully romantic night, or is she merely shuffling along performing her wifely chores and duties? Better yet, does the young housewife really exist, or is she just a fantasy of the passer-by?
This brings me to my next question . . .Is the narrator a man or a woman? It seems very easy to assume that the narrator is a man, because the author is a man, but other than that there is no real evidence proving narrative gender.

In stanza one all we know about the narrator is that they are alone in a car. In stanza two all we know is that the narrator compares the young housewife to a "fallen leaf". And in stanza three, the final stanza, as the narrator passes on by, he or she bows, and smiles.

As far as I am concerned the passer-by could be a female who is a close friend or relative who is merely commenting on the housewife as they pass by her house.

To me The Young House Wife is about beauty, not beauty from a young fertile woman alone in negligee, but the beauty of everyday, the beauty of life.

This driver, who is her passer-by compares the housewife to a fallen leaf. This fallen leaf could mean many things. The narrator could be insinuating that the young housewife is in a fallen state, maybe trapped in some kind of extra-marital sin perhaps. Maybe the narrator is trying to warn us that the housewife is sick and perhaps that is why she is not yet properly dressed though the morning is almost at an end. The meaning that I prefer to take with me is somewhat different from these perspectives. I would like to think of the young housewife as the beauty of autumn.

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Maybe the narrator was thinking of how those first leaves of autumn are so colorful and beautiful, and how they fall so slowly and gracefully from the trees.

Maybe the narrator is saying that the housewife is beautiful like a fallen leaf because she is so everyday like a leaf. She is nothing spectacular. She is just a housewife, not even properly dressed nor groomed and there she is taking care of her wifely duties. For this she is beautiful. For her shyness she is beautiful. Maybe the narrator is trying to say that her beauty is like nature, like a fallen leaf.

The narrator seems as if he or she is experiencing a breath of life for the first time. It is as though at that very moment in time as he or she passed by this woman in her house the narrator is enlightened. The narrator feels good about life, and feels good about the way things are, natural and beautiful.
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