It's Time to Make Prostitution Legal

It's Time to Make Prostitution Legal

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It's Time to Make Prostitution Legal


Prostitution has long been called the world's oldest profession. For as long back as we have records, evidence can be found of people selling sex for some sort of gain. When the colonists were running around slaughtering the natives, they also were enjoying the pleasures of local prostitutes. In fourth century, Athenian orator Apollodoros stated "we have courtesans for pleasure, and concubines for the daily service of our bodies, but wives for the production of legitimate offspring and to have reliable guardians of our household property." And yet in "progressive" America, a land were people claim to be the most socially advanced, prostitution is an illegal act that results in the sheltering of rapists, drug dealers, and abusers.


Legalization of prostitution could solve a lot of problems caused by its illegality, but it's unlikely that those rich old white guys in Washington are going to make the change. They prefer to ignore the issue, occasionally making the token gesture at trying to end it completely. Reality check folks, if prostitution has been around this long, it's not going anywhere. You can throw more laws at it, up the punishment, even do like Minnesota and post those arrested for prostitution (not those just found guilty) and stick their pictures on the internet, but you aren't going to change reality. Nevada has already seen the light...why not the rest of country?


If this country were to legalize prostitution, we could make a fortune while also improving the health of our country and the "character" behind it all. Look at Nevada. Let's take prostitution off the streets by requiring services be offered in a brothel or on appropriate web sites. As for the common streetwalker, arrest them for solicitation, but just solicitation, no more tacking on the prostitution part. Change the law to require condoms and regular health checks and AIDS testing. Where prostitution is legal in Nevada, the number of AIDS cases among the workers is now down to 0 (where the illegal hookers have topped 25% infection...that's a one in four chance of paying to get AIDS).


By having it legal, prostitutes will no longer have to fear going to the cops when they get raped or beaten.

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Over 60% have been raped, and yes, if you force a prostitute it is still rape. Most of the rapes go unreported though because they'll just get arrested for being a victim. How sick is that? With legalized prostitution, families won't have to wonder how a prostitute died if they get murdered (since today's cops don't give a fuck if a whore gets popped). It would also cut back the numbers of people forced into prostitution. Now those victims can report their attackers without fear of being arrested of doing what they were forced to do.


Sure, those religious nuts will scream about it forever (like they are still fighting abortion, birth control, and taking religion out of schools), but who cares. There will always be prostitution; even Gene Roddenberry knew that when he added those Dabo girls to Ferengi casinos. So let's make it safer for the workers and the clients, while upping our countries income tax earnings by making it a legal profession. Porn is legal, stripping is legal, why not sex for hire. Be honest, some people couldn't get laid any other way.
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