Narrative Essay - I am My Guitar

Narrative Essay - I am My Guitar

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I am My Guitar


      A symbol that best represents myself is my guitar.  I have always

wanted to play the guitar since I was thirteen.  Ever since I saw the

Rolling Stones in concert.  I took lessons the following year, and have

been playing ever since then.  Other than the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton

also has influenced me and made me want to play.  I never wanted to join a

band, I mainly play by myself, but sometimes I get together with my friends.

 They also know how to play the guitar.  It's easy to find people to play

with, know matter where I am at.


      I was in Colorado my freshman year, and met some guys who I worked

with, who enjoyed playing, so I would often go over to their house.  I have

only taken a year of guitar lessons, but I know how to play very well.  I

learn mainly by ear.  By listening to other people play and I am able to

pick it up really quickly.  I have been taught different songs from my

friends, and I also have a guitar book that I use frequently.


        I have never bought a guitar.  This past summer I went back to

Colorado and met up with one of my friends.  He had told me before I could

use his guitar any time I wanted to, so I called him up and asked if I

could borrow it.  He told me I could have it, because he had just bought a

brand knew one.  The strings and the pick guard had been taken out, so I

went to a guitar store and they fixed everything for me.  I was able to

play it after that.  I also have an Ovation guitar, which is a lot

different from the electric guitar I had gotten from my friend.  My sister

won the Ovation guitar in a raffle, along with Melissa Efferage concert

tickets.  She doesn't play the guitar, so she gave it to me.  Melissa

Efferage plays the same guitar, and it cost over thirteen hundred dollars.


      I like to write my own music, once and awhile, usually when I have

a lot of time on my hands.

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  Mainly I play others music.  Such as Phish,

Greatful Dead, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Eric Clapton.  My favorite Phish

song is Fee, my favorite Greatful Dead song is Casey Jones.  My favorite

Beatles song is Let It Be, my favorite Led Zeppelin song is Over The Hills

and Far Away.  The best Eric Clapton song to play on my guitar is Cross

Roads, and Bell Bottom Blues.  When ever I have nothing to do, or am bored,

It's so easy to just pick up my guitar and play.  I seem to learn something

knew every day, and am always getting better.  I love to teach people to

play the guitar, because I feel everyone should know how too.  It's one of

the greatest instruments, in my opinion.


      Playing the guitar symbolizes my whole life, and I will most likely

be playing it for a ver long time.  It makes me feel good, and is so much

fun.  It is one of the greatest hobbies I have.  More people should learn

how to play the guitar.  It's not a very hard thing to learn how to do,

once you know the strings.  It just takes practice, like anything else.

It's not hard to learn the strings, and once you do, you can most likely

play anything.  Every time I listen to a song, I know the strings they are

playing, and I can usually play it, but lots of the time its not as fast

past as it sounds when a professional band plays it.  I am glad I went to

the Rolling Stones concert and am glad I grew up listening to Eric Clapton,

because my parents were constantly playing his c.d.'s.  Other wise I may

not have started playing the guitar, and would not be as good at it, as I

am today.  Whether I am in my college dorm room, in Colorado, or anywhere

else, I will play the guitar, and I bring them a lot of places.  The guitar

is the first thing that comes to my mind, when I thing about something that

best symbolizes myself.
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