America Must Remain the Land of Free-Choice

America Must Remain the Land of Free-Choice

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Abortion - America Must Remain the Land of the Free-Choice


        Without a woman's right to do what she chooses with her body, her

freedom and liberty are taken away.  If for personal reasons, a women wants

an abortion, as is, currently, her constitutional right, she has the

freedom to do so.  In some states, a woman's freedom to have an abortion

has been severely limited.  Because of this, many women have had abortions

by people not medically licensed to perform them.  Many of these unlicensed

and unqualified people have used unsterile instruments, thus causing

illness or death.  A child needs to be loved and wanted.  A baby whose

mother resents his birth, will not receive the proper care and nurturing he

deserves.  Perhaps, he would be better off not to have been born.  For

these reasons, I support the Pro-Choice movement.


        We all know America as the "land of the free", as sung daily by

many in "The Star Spangled Banner".  Knowing that many women's autonomy has

been taken away, how can we, Americans, who claim to be people of liberty,

say the words of "The Star Spangled Banner" in good conscience?  Females

have been told what to do with and how to treat their bodies.  If the right

to self-determination is taken away, what will be decided for us next?

What we can wear?  What we can read and what we can say? Possibly even how

we can act?  This is not the American way!  In fact, it is unconstitutional.

 We must be aware of this lack of freedom and see to it that women receive



        Sadly, there are many people who can not afford to support a child.

There are people who hate themselves and are incapable of loving another.

As I see it, it is fortunate, that some women may realize that they are not

fit to and can not care for a youngster.  However, an anti-abortion law may

not give them any other choice.  A mother willing to give up her offspring,

is likely to resent her own child.  This resentment might result in neglect.

 I would like to propose a compromise.  Let there be a law requiring

counseling for someone planning on having an abortion.

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  As such, she would

have the opportunity to discuss the impact of her actions.  After receiving

counseling, she would have the freedom to chose whether or not to have the



        A woman who decides to have an abortion, will probably not give up

even after being told that she may not have one.  She may seek an illegal

even dangerous alternative.  A compromise, such as counseling, should be



        The government of the United States of America must be directed to

work together with it's citizens to insure justice for all.  "We the

People" must make certain that our constitutional rights are guaranteed.
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