Doctors Who Practice Euthanasia Should be Executed

Doctors Who Practice Euthanasia Should be Executed

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Doctors the Practice Euthanasia Should be Executed


     An eighty-seven year old grandmother on a respirator, a newborn child

with AIDS, a teacher past her prime, and a father in a coma; all put to death by respectable doctors

with the O.K. of their families.  But is it really a ggod thing?  Euthanasia, or

doctor-assisted suicide, has become as common as jumping off of a fifteen

story building or taking a gun to one1s own head.  Certainly society frowns

upon suicide, but yet putting an old lady or a man in a coma to death is

being accepted every day.  Society knows that suicide is bad, but

euthanasia is even worse.  The guilt and blame of a lost life is falling on

the hands of doctor1s that we are supposed to trust, and even worse, the

family members themselves.  A doctor is to be known as a healer, not an

agent of death.  A family is supposed to love and support, not kill and

inherit.  Every person makes the light of the world brighter.  The world

needs everyone1s power and contribution.  It1s the power and energy of the

elderly, and the strength and will of the ill, that give the world life.

The light has become very dim with the crime and corruption in today1s

world, we can1t afford to throw lives away because some think they1re

meaningless.  If we continue to accept the merciless killings and suicides

of the helpless but powerful, the light will soon burn out.  There will be

no energy in the world.  Euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide should not

be accepted or allowed by the government and people of the United States.


     Statistics show that seventy-three percent of the U.S. population

approved of some form of euthanasia.  This is used constantly in debates to

pass laws for making euthanasia legal. But the people are deceived by this

number.  When the poll was taken, the people were asked if they approved of

"some form" of euthanasia.  There are two forms of euthanasia, active and

passive.  It is the passive euthanasia that many people are accepting, the

less harsh of the two.  That's why people generally say they approve of it.

If a separate question was asked or the people were informed of the

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difference, we would find that only thirty-eight percent of the population

approves of active suicide, as used by Kavorkian.  So the fact that people

approve of euthanasia is irrelevant because only thirty-eight percent would

actually pass a law if they knew that Kavorkian1s methods would be allowed.


     However, it is said that passive euthanasia, suicide by the removal of

life support, is a long-time practice for hospitalized patients.  But does

this make it O.K?I should think not.  Many things have been accepted and

practiced in the world, and many of them have become illegal.  Not too long

ago a teenager could drink whenever he wanted.  Now we have laws to

regulate the drinking age.  This is the same type of thing, something

terrible has going on for too long now.  We need to put  a stop to the

killings with a law. Just because something has been allowed and occurring

for a long time doesn1t mean that it1s O.K.  Also, there is the issue of

living wills.  A living will is a document that protects  the right of

choice in end of life matters for patients.  And not everyone has a living

will when they become ill even though they don1t want to live through the

agony  and pain.  They just don1t think to make one or plan on being ill

and incompetent.  But with or without a living will, it1s just not right to

end a life, even if it1s one1s own.  Many think that they should be able to

decide on their own, but what about their families.  The family will spend

the rest of their lives wondering in agony and pain about whether or not a

cure would have been found or if the patient would have made it out of the

coma.  It wouldn1t be right to spread the pain by adding to the fire.   But

some say, 3Why waste the money and extend the pain and agony by keeping

someone on a machine?ý  We need to look at life in a more positive way.  We

need to weigh the matters evenly.  What1s more important, the life of a

family member or trying to save money and pain.  Clearly it is the life,

nothing is more important than that.  Approximately one billion dollars is

spent on life support patients annually. But the cost of keeping people

alive is irrelevant if there is a chance that they may be cured or come out

of a coma.


     More importantly, we need to look at the reasons why it1s used, not

just what people think about it.  Life and death is a huge issue, a person

can1t afford to be pressured into a drastic decision about their life.

Whether it1s unconscious or not, doctors, family friends may pressure a

patient to choose death. We need to eliminate the option or we1ll always

have the issue of whether or not the patient was pressured into suicide.

That is certainly not right.  It probably doesn1t make sense that family

members would actually pressure a loved one into suicide, but money is the

real issue.  The doctors can make a lot of money and the families will save

on medical bills while inheriting a lot of money and belongings.  Think

about the disabled, retarded, unassertive, poor, and even the elderly.  All

very vulnerable to an influential person.  Yes, even little Ool grandma.

Americans aged eighty-five and older is the largest category faced with

euthanasia.  In 1950 there were over a half of  a million Americans aged

eighty-five and older and by 1990 that number grew to 3.1 million.  With

the medical technology we have and the progress we are making to improve

today, the number of Americans older than eighty-five will be more than

twice that of 1990 in the year 2005.  We are spending millions of dollars

for medical technology to save lives, we shouldn1t let live be thrown away

when hard working citizens are  paying taxes to help keep them alive.


      Also, the reasons that euthanasia is used may just be flat out wrong.

Many times, a patient gives up their life because they feel like a burden

to their family.  If this is so, what has the world come to when the people

that a patient has known, loved, and respected for so long, makes them feel

like a burden. A person is supposed to be able to go to their family for

support, that1s what a family is all about.  Sticking together and getting

through problems the right way, not ending one1s life.  Many times a

patient feels like a burden because of treatment costs.  The cost of

treatment is way  too high for many patients to afford, so they go to their

families. But rather than support and help, the patient gets resistance and

feels as though they have become a burden.  This causes them to want to

turn to death, rather than trouble the one group  of people that are

supposed to be there for help in times of need.


     Furthermore, without passive euthanasia millions of lives can be saved.

 A law has to be made to stop these 3mercy killingsý.  There are thousands

of people that are seriously hospitalized with a terminal disease or a coma.

 An estimated ten-thousand of these hospitalized patients die daily.

Seventy percent of these deaths  are a direct result  of 3secretlyý

withdrawing life support.  Yes, everyday a number of patients die from a

family member paying a visit to them and 3pulling the plugý while the

doctor  isn1t around. It1s bad enough that we have so many troubles with

general homicides and suicides, but now it1s time to concern ourselves with

the killings that  are going on in hospitals.  The institution that we go

to for good health, security, and treatment is  doing just the opposite and

it needs to be stopped.  If a law is passed   that makes euthanasia illegal,

then people will definitely think twice before helping someone end their

life.  There has to be price to pay for helping one commit suicide,  it

should  not be taken lightly.  By passing a law against euthanasia,

thousand of lives will be saved.


     Next is the issue of active euthanasia, actively taking measures to

help end the life of another.  This is the type of euthanasia practiced by

Doctor Jack Kavorkian and argued about all over the world.  Many important

issues surface when discussing active euthanasia. First, there is the

argument that a person has the right to choose.  Each individual should be

able to make the decision of whether or not they want to live in pain or

die with dignity.   Otherwise people are just like robots that are

controlled by laws, society and always have to do what others think is

right.  But is giving up a life and committing suicide really dignified?

There is always the chance of coming out of a coma and finding a cure for a

disease.  Thousands of doctors are working to find cures for every terminal

disease all over the world.  When there1s the chance of being cured like

there always is, there is no reason to commit suicide.  No matter how

anyone looks at it or says it, suicide is not dignified.  Everyone has the

right to choose, but it the choices are how to lead and live their life,

not end it.  And there is nothing robotic about following laws that are

made to protect the people and the society they live in.  Choices about how

one1s life will end aren1t to be made by oneself, they can choose how to

lead their life but there is no dignity gained by committing suicide.

Secondly,  just because something is considered to be sinful by the Bible

or in any other religion, doesn1t mean it should be a crime.  We live in a

democracy where the people, of all religions, make the laws.  They

shouldn't be based on any religion or religious book.  But we1re not

talking about the sin of suicide, where talking about euthanasia.

Euthanasia is assisted suicide, but isn1t that just a nice name for

homicide. Suicide is killing oneself, but how can you assist yourself.  The

assistant is another person who is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.

Laws are already passed against murder.  When someone takes part in

euthanasia they1re not going to be on trial for attempted suicide because

they weren1t trying to kill themselves, they were taking the life of

another.  It1s murder and there1s no other way to look at it. Next is the

belief that active euthanasia should be tolerated in order to save agony

and pain for both the family and patient.  No one should have to go through

so much agony over a long period of time.


     Many think that it1s torture not to help dying patients. Kavorkian

accused opposing physicians of being "Nazi doctors" who torture and

experiment with the poor and unfortunate.  However, what is the agony and 

pain?  It is the agony and pain of death and it has to be faced either way,

but it shouldn't be because of a suicide.  We should face the pain and

agony with strength and determination.  The patients need to be determined

to hang on and fight for cures.  It1s not torture to keep someone alive in

hopes of a cure.  And if a patient is that ill, then they aren1t really

going through that much physical pain, it1s the mental and emotional states

of patients that need to be secured.  That1s the reason many turn to

suicide,  they are unhappy with their lives so they begin to decline

mentally and emotionally.  And as far as experimenting goes, no

experimental drug or procedure is forced upon any patient, including the

elderly and incompetent.  And what do they have to lose anyway?  Most don't

mind using experimental drugs because it just may be the cure they1re

looking for.  There is nothing "Nazi" about testing drugs and cures in

hopes of saving a life.  There is no torture or direct result of death.  So,

in actuality there is no physical agony or pain saved in euthanasia because

that's not what the patients are going through.  It just shortens the

mental and physical pain that can be helped in other ways than death.

Either way, suicide is no answer to pain.

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