An Analysis of Gulliver's Travels

An Analysis of Gulliver's Travels

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An Analysis of Gulliver's Travels


When I first started reading the book I thought its only purpose was to

talk about the political system in England. But after some pages I found

that there could be a deeper message concealed, between the lines somewhere.

The book is divided into four minor novels. The first is about the

Lilliputian's the second about Gulliver visits the giants, the third about

the flying island and last about Gullivers travels to the land of



In the first book Gulliver gets shipwrecked and ends up on the island

Lilliput were some inhabitans of the island finds him and ties him to the

ground. The king hears of the news and sends the army to stop the giant

from escaping. Gulliver is then taken to the king's castle were he is

searched fore weapons or other dangerous items. The Lilliputians are

divided into two tribes. One is holding Gulliver and the other lives on the

second island which is separated from the first by a canal (resembles of

England and France) . Gulliver is at the littlenders and the enemy is the

bigenders which live on the island  of Blefuscu. Gulliver helps the

Littlenders to defeat the bigenders. In this book Swift emphasises the

stupidity in the war between England and France and also every war which

starts over a stupid reason, he also points out the meaningless in

courtlife were they do nothing but waste the states money.


At he lilliputians he builds a raft which he uses to sail back to England.

But instead he finds himself shipwrecked and washed upon the shores of

Brumbidang or the giants land. there  he was found by a farmer whom handed

him over into his daughters care. The farmer uses Gulliver for finical

reasons and shows him up as a side-showfreak at all the inns in the land.

In the giants land there are no classdeffirences this is something that

probably Swift wanted to introduce to the British system.


In this book Swift also attacks the British political and justice system

with no mercy, He also emphasises the meaningless of having an standing

army in peace.


In the third book Gulliver gets picked up by men of the flying island of



There everyone is striving to improve their environment in any way possible

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everything from harvesting to building houses.


Gulliver visit the towns academy were he sees some scientists  researching

in almost everything,  inventing meaningless gadgets. In this third book

Swift expresses his opinions about the science which were achieving a much

higher role in society in those days, and he also wants us to strive

backwards to the old customs of life in the time of Aristoteles were

science was not accepted by the ordinary man.


In the fourth and finial book Gulliver meets the disgusting creatures

called yahoo's. His first encounter almost cost him his life when the

yahoo's attacked him. But the horses came to his rescue which scared them

away. He is taken to the horses home were he is feed. The right name for

the horses is hoyhnhnm which in their language means natures perfection,

Gulliver uses the nature to feed him self as making his own bread.


Later in the book he is questioned about his own society, here Swift's uses

the horse as the worlds common sense while Gulliver represents the England.

In this book Swift also shoes what he thinks about the human race that were

are not as great and beautiful as we think but according to him lower then

the animals.


There is a topic that runs through all the four novels, which is that the

human race often takes things for granted not considering that there could

be some one or something getting hurt, and also the injustice of the

British law and political system which existed in that time.
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