The Inspirational Jane Eyre

The Inspirational Jane Eyre

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The Inspirational Jane Eyre


        Jane Eyre is the main character in the novel named Jane Eyre by

Charlotte Bronte. She is but a fictional character, and in our hearts she

will stay. This incredible lady in her beloved story has carried on through

the centuries to inspire all its readers. Jane is a cherished woman with

whom everyone can find a bit of themselves in.


        The captivating character of Jane Eyre was created in the mid

1800's by an awe-inspiring writer by the name of Charlotte Bronte. This

enchanting woman was nothing short of amazing. She was one of the first

ever female writers, and she wrote a story about a strong lady. This bit of

history allows us to look at Jane Eyre as a liberator. She was a very

strong woman in the days that women were not allowed to be self-reliant.

Jane had a way about her that demanded attention. She was very shy and

introspective, yet her sheer presence was enough to demand attention for

all men. Jane captivated the hearts of many older men. She began with her

uncle, Mr. Reed. He was a gentleman who cared for his own children, but

when Jane lost both of her parents he was quick to take her in as his own.

Mrs. Reed only would say that he pitied her, but we all know there was more.

She enchanted the lives of Mr. Rochester and St. John. Both men, in or near

there thirties, proposed her twice. She accepted both of Mr. Rochester 's

proposals. She also did something remarkable; she refused St. John's

proposals of marriage. Jane Eyre was a very special woman of her time.


        Jane's life story is greatly admired by women around the world due

to the nature of her character. She searches for love and acceptance and

she finds it in every place she is. Even though Mrs. Reed did not accept

her in the time she went back she made a friend of Mrs. Eyre's daughter,

Elise. Jane also found acceptance in the harsh Mr. Rochester, and the

unwilling household of St. John. She was always taken in her lowest hour

and raised up to a great triumph later. While at St. John's she found the

family in whom she had searched.

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She was financially secure and now had the

family love and acceptance she always longed for. Jane Eyre is a character

to be admired through the ages.


        Jane Eyre will forever be in the hearts of all her wishful readers.

She was an inspiration to many a generation, and she will carry on a

terrific legend of hope. We all have a hand in our fate if we keep looking

and striving for the goal. We can all achieve the love, so marvelous and

wonderful, that our hero Jane Eyre has.
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