The Maturation of Tom Sawyer

The Maturation of Tom Sawyer

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The Maturation of Tom Sawyer


Tom Sawyer, a mischievous, brave, and daring boy that goes through adventures in love, murder, and treasure. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is about a boy maturing from a whimsical troublemaker into a caring young man. In the "conclusion" Mark Twain writes, "It being strictly a history of a boy, it must stop here; the story could not go much farther without becoming a history of a man" Tom is now maturing throughout a span of adventures in love, treasure, and everyday life that make him more of an adult, then a boy.


    Tom's acts in love are childish and immature. At first, Tom's love for Becky Thatcher is just a crush. He tells Becky about his "marriage" to Amy and it starts a fight. After that, they both play a game of "hard to get". After this, Tom is too proud to apologize. Also, Tom makes good decisions. First, when Becky accidentally rips Mr. Dobbins' book a, Tom takes the blame, and this ends their feud. Another mature event takes place in McDougal's cave. When Tom and Becky are in the cave, they become lost. Then Tom takes responsibility for himself and Becky's life. These events are part of becoming a young man.


    At the beginning of the treasure hunt, it was fun, now it takes maturity. One mature act is when Tom and Huck stay close with Injun Joe to catch him. Also Huck is maturing when he decides that he must go for help because he over heard Injun Joe's plans for Window Douglas.  On the immature side, when Tom and Huck realize that Injun Joe, the murderer, has the treasure, they aren't mature enough to get adult help. They feel that they're strong enough to handle it. The treasure hunt is a controversial adventure that Tom endures.  


    Tom can now start to show his maturity everywhere, including at home. In the beginning, Tom is running from Aunt Polly's punishments, hurries through chores, and plays hooky from school. When he convinces kids to do his job of whitewash the fence for him, it shows immaturity. Also when he runs away from home to the island, he doesn't leave a note.

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Aunt Polly worries over this. Yet Tom says that he had a note. All though his most mature side isn't always out at home, he is becoming a young man.


    To conclude this road to maturity, Tom shows that he can be a young man. Throughout his adventure, Tom matured in courting Becky Thatcher, hunting for treasure, and his everyday life. In the "conclusion" Mark Twain writes, "When one writes a novel about grown people, he knows exactly where to stop- that is, with a marriage; but when he writes of juveniles, he must stop where he best can."  Mark Twain decided to end with the most mature part, when Tom protected Becky in the cave. I believe that this book shows a good example of a maturing boy, who eventually learns from his actions.

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