Harmartias in Julius Caesar

Harmartias in Julius Caesar

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Harmartias in Julius Caesar


      Throughout the play of  "Julius Caesar" Brutus makes many mistakes or

harmartias, which eventually lead to his tragic downfall. Although Brutus makes

many harmartias I feel that these three are the most important. The largest

harmartia that Brutus makes is listening to Cassius, in the beginning. Another

harmartia Brutus makes is deciding not to kill Antony. Brutus also makes the

mistake of meeting Antony's army in Philippi instead of waiting at the camp.

These three harmartias of Brutus will be greater explained in the next three



      Brutus made a large harmartia listening to Cassius' speak about

assassinating Caesar. Brutus is very naive and because Cassius is clever he can

make Brutus agree with him. Cassius himself even says, "If I were Brutus now,

and he were Cassius, He should not humour me." (Shakespeare Act 1, Scene 2,

Lines 314-315). If Brutus did not listen to Cassius, he wouldn't have joined the

conspiracy, and Brutus' tragedy would have never happened. This is why Brutus

should have never listened to Cassius' conspiracy plan.


      A large harmartia that Brutus made was not killing Antony. Brutus says, "

For Antony is but a limb of Caesar." (Shakespeare Act 2, Scene 1, Line 165). .

Brutus feels that Antony would not be able to do anything without Caesar, and

would probably commit suicide. Cassius thinks that Antony should be killed, but

does not argue with Brutus. Antony ends up being even stronger without Caesar

and is a tyrant ruler in a triumvirate. Antony and his army are the reason why

Brutus kills himself. If Brutus did kill Antony he would probably of lived and

been a ruler Rome.


      Another harmartia that Brutus made was meeting the armies of Antony and

Octavius in Philippi instead of having them come closer to the camp. Once again

Cassius thinks differently than Brutus. Cassius says, "'Tis better that the

enemy seek us; So shall he waste his means, weary his soldiers, Doing himself

offence; whilst we, lying still, Are full of rest, defence, and nimbleness."

(Shakespeare Act 4, Scene 3, Line 198-201). Brutus thinks that they should meet

at Philippi because the enemy armies will grow on the way to the camp.

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In the

end the armies of Brutus and Cassius are weaker because of traveling to Philippi,

which contributes to their loss.


      Brutus makes very large mistakes in this play. I think that these three

are the largest harmartias made because they lead to his death. Brutus listening

to Cassius about assassinating Caesar in the beginning of the play. Brutus not

killing Caesar. Brutus having his army meet the enemy in Philippi. These

mistakes are so large that they cause Brutus' final tragedy, his death.

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