Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

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1. Changes in the trend of media industry
Media consumption patterns are slowly but steadily changing the digital home, and wireless connectivity enables similar changes outside the home. Disruptive technologies liberalized content release windows, regulatory changes, and a myriad of factors could dramatically change current trend lines of the customers. Before we start, let me first explain about the historical media disruptors. Firstly, the television forces radio out of national spotlight into locally based medium and then came the cable television, which evolves from relaying distant signals to narrow casting medium. Alternative newspapers emerge from counterculture voice to market threat, competing for advertisement revenue. Commercialization of the Internet and Web force “traditional” media to face the future and fight for advertisement revenue and consumer attention. The next generation of media, which is the DMB(Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), is now threatening the rest of the media.

2. What is DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting)?
According to the web-site, the definition of DMB is the process of broadcasting multimedia over the Internet, or satellite, to be tuned in by multimedia receivers, or players, capable of playing back the multimedia program. Through a process called multicast, a single broadcast can send programming to thousands of receivers, which can play back the content individualized to the location. This is one of the advantages of multimedia broadcasting over traditional video broadcasting.
In other words, DMB is a new kind of Convergence Service that is a combination of the characteristics broadcasting to public or private which can be used as a means of strengthen functions of multimedia and entertainment of Cell phone.
There are two types of DMB, Which is the ground wave DMB and satellite DMB. Ground wave DMB is a Digital broadcasting service that is transmitted through the transition tower on the ground and free watching service can be made possible. Satellite DMB is a charged satellite service that can be watched anywhere through a private portable devices.

3. Four Characteristics and Advantages of satellite DMB
• New Media - Overcame the limitations time and place of existing broadcasters
• Mobility - Can be connected anywhere through portable devices
• Personal - Individual media
• Multimedia - Can freely use the contents through voice, data and video and can be connected freely in cell phones and wireless Internet
4. Stages of the introduction of DMB
- Research of DAB started in Europe during the late 1980s
- EUREKA-147 project started in 1987
- EUREKA-147 adapted as Europe' standard on Feb, 1995
- BBC started the ground wave DAB service on Sep, 1995

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- Later Sweden(1995), France(997), Germany(1999) started the DAB service.

5. The current DMB trends of the world
DMB has its roots in DAB. DMB is designed to broadcast television and video to mobile handsets, in parallel with existing DAB services. Both audio and data can be integrated where a DAB infrastructure already exists. A DAB network is already available to 80 percent of Europe and there are more than 800 DAB services reaching 475 million people in 40 countries around the world.
According to the website, DMB market scale of the world was about $325 million last year, and is forecasted to arrive $770 million in 2006, $1102 million in 2007 and about 3 billion dollars in 2012. Especially, Germany World Cup in 2006 and Beijing Olympic in 2008 that DMB service is enforced regularly may act to good news to DMB industry, and ground wave DMB test service that is enforced for Germany World Cup period will be performed by South Korea. From 2005 to 2012, huge growth of DMB market is expected by yearly rate of 34%.

6. The current DMB trend of the USA
The USA is currently developing audio based DAB service and is forming competition market as primary DMB providers such as world space, XM radio, and Sirius radio are competing in the market.
The XM radio is the biggest satellite DAB provider in the USA, and acquired satellite DAB license by allocating frequency through auction from FCC in 1997. According to the XM Radio website, XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: XMSR), the USA's leading satellite radio company with more than 4.4 million subscribers, today announced that it has made a strategic investment of $25 million in the common stock of WorldSpace, Inc., a leading satellite radio provider for Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
In connection with the investment, XM will cooperate with WorldSpace to develop satellite radio products, technology and distribution and supplier networks. In addition, XM will have warrants to acquire $37.5 million in additional WorldSpace stock and an option to invest along with WorldSpace and other partners in various countries around the world.

7. Current DMB devices in market
LG has launched the LG SB130/KB1300 DMB handset, the first phone to feature the "time machine" function. This technology enables users to record the program while receiving calls and play the recorded program later. It can record up to 60 minutes.
Other features of this handset include a QVGA screen, a 3 megapixel camera with auto-focus, MP3 player, 300MB of memory. and TV-Out.

Samsung has announced the "Navigation Mobile TV" a new navigational device that receives real-time traffic information via "TPEG Technology" (process of telematics data being transferred over a DMB network) The device features a 3.5" VGA display and runs on the Pocket PC 2003 platform, and in addition to navigational functions, can also receive DMB video broadcasts.

This cell phone from samsung is a DMB phone. That means satellite TV on the go. You can watch that TV on the 2.2 inch QVGA screen. It has a TV-out feature so that you can watch images on a big screen. When you want to use the phone as a PDA, you just swivel the screen around and use the keyboard. And by keyboard I mean full QWERTY keyboard. It even looks to be big enough to be functional.

8. The significance of the appearance of DMB and the task of the government
In the article “ETRI Plays a Leading Role in Spread of DMB”, Yim Chu hwan, president of the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, said that the spread of DMB technology will lead to the exports of terminals, application solutions as well as contents. Accordingly, its economic ripple effect is unlikely to be small as the diffusion of DMB technology is expected to enhance. Once DMB service is commercialized, it will improve convenience and quality of life for many since people will be able to access broadcasting service irrespective of location.
The barrier of price caused the stagnation of the mobile activated DMB as a new platform. And the appearance of DMB opened the possibility that we had now reached the era of personal media.
Therefore the government must first need to establish the strategy and policy of multi-platform. In the point of view of consumers, the appearance of DMB allowed a wide range of choices for them and in this case the government must approach the policy of multi-platform policy, not the multi-channel policy. Therefore the government must now make clear of the idea of the introduction of DMB and reorganize the structure of the media industry.


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