Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


Are you tired of slaving over a hot stove? Are you tired of wasting countless

hours waiting for some rotten meat to cook? Are you run down or restless

worrying weather your kids will like whatever meal you cook? Well, if so, then

this sandwich is for you! It is easy to make and we will guarantee at a cheap

price, you can't go wrong. It is nutritious and with the large amount of calcium

it is even a healthy snack that is great for a growing child! You won't need to

waste stove work for this! All you need is a knife, peanut butter, and jelly!

With all of the work you have you don't need another burden! Just make a quick

and easy sandwich! Try it! It is YUM YUM good!


One can find a loaf of bread at any local super market in the bakery Isle or

they could find it is a local bread store. There are many different types of

breads so one may choose which is sufficient to ones needs. After one purchases

the bread, take it back to where one will be making the sandwich and set it on a

flat surface. One will see that the loaf has two ends on it. One is clued shut

very snuggly and the other side a white twist tie is holding the two ends

together. (If one does not know what a twist tie is go to the last page of this

essay.) Grab the two ends of the twist tie and turn each end every way until you

can see that it is coming undone. Once the twist tie is fully unattached to the

loaf of bread, you can now work your way into the loaf by pulling the ends that

were connected to the twist tie. Pull out two pieces of bread out of the bag and

setting them on the flat surface that you chose. Set them slightly close

together so when one goes to coat the bread with peanut butter and jelly.


      One can find peanut butter in any local supermarket. There are many different

Varieties, and after one has purchased the peanut butter, take it back to where

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one has the bread. Looking at the peanut butter jar, one can read the label to

see which side is up and down. The top of the jar has a red lid that you screw

to the right about five times or so or until the lid comes unfastened, lift it

off of the top of the jar. It can be set it aside because it wont be needed

until you are ready to put it away! Next, put the peanut butter jar down on the

flat surface and pick up either piece of bread. One may use either side of the

bread. (If it is an end Piece, or you don't know what an end piece is, then go

to the last Page of this essay.) Now you pick up the butter knife that should

already have been o0n the flat surface that you chose. If it is not, then go to

wherever you can find silverware and get one. And believe me it is not easy to

find. One may also use a plastic knife if a metal one could not be found. Now

with the sharp end of the knife stick it in the jar of peanut butter and lift

out the amount wanted for the sandwich. After this has been done, set it on the

piece of bread in your hand and smooth it out until it fits your expectations.

Now just put the piece of bread from your hand to the table.


One does not need to have jelly on their sandwich if they prefer not to have the

added sugar. But one may want to use it if they are not very fond of the actual

taste of it. Again, you can buy jelly at any local market. After you have bought

the jelly, take it back to where your bread and peanut butter is and set it down

on the table or the flat surface where it lays. As with the peanut butter one

will see that one end is capped with a red lid. Put the red end up off of the

table and set the bottom of the jar face down. With your right or left hand,

take the lid and turn it to the right of you until it is unattached to the jar.

Take the lid and set it aside because it will not need it until you need to

screw it back on. Now take the butter knife that you used for the peanut butter

in your right or left hand. Pick up a piece of bread from the table where it is

laying, but do not take the piece that already has peanut butter. (If one has

already picked it up lay it down peanut butter side up!) If you have the right

bread, hold it in your hand flat, and with the knife in the other hand, stick it

the sharp side down into the jar of jelly and pick some up with the knife. Put

the jelly on the piece of bread in your hand. Try not to drop any on the table

for it can get very sticky. Now carefully smooth it out until it covers the

bread or you feel that there is enough on your bread. Now set the knife down on

the table or in the sink for one will not need it again. With the jellied bread

in your hand, jelly side down; put it on the face up peanut butter. And there

you have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been eaten for centuries around America

and even in other countries. If one likes the taste of peanuts then this is the

sandwich for you! All children love it because it has the taste of peanuts and

the sweetness of jelly. Don't make ones kids fattening food with artificial

coloring! Give the kids a nutritious lunch that they will love! Its not just for

the kids, everyone will enjoy this sandwich for years to come. With the

inexpensive amount it is a great cheap snack. It is YUM YUM good!




End Piece of Bread- An "End Piece" is the first piece of bread in the loaf of

bread. It doesn't have the softness like the rest of the pieces and it just

tastes better to most. But if all you have are the end loaves then you put the

peanut butter and jelly on the side that look's the most abnormal.


Twist Tie- A twist Tie is something that holds the two end pieces together so

the bread doesn't get hard. It is very important to close the bag after you make

the sandwich because you don't want the bread to get hard and gross.

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