Christmas with Nutmeg

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Christmas with Nutmeg

Our memories of Christmas time at 17142 Eastview Dr. were perfect. The Christmas tree was covered with hundreds of twinkle lights and unique ornaments. The tree was flanked by a gorgeous brick fireplace that seemed to always have a fire burning inside of it, and whose mantle was decorated with my family's collection of miniature nutcrackers. The final touch to this setting was our dog, sitting in her favorite spot, that was directly to the right of the fireplace, beneath the chair that you would always find my father in while reading my sister and me Christmas stories.

My mom would be in the kitchen cooking all of the food for our delicious meal that lay ahead. When she would yell "Nutmeg!" Our dog would immediately sprint into the kitchen, and then she would wait patiently beside her food bowl while my mom sprinkled nutmeg onto her dog food. Before Nutmeg would begin to eat, my mom would say "nutmeg, for our Nutmeg".

Once my mom had sprinkled the nutmeg, the entire house would be consumed with its smell, and that became the single most memorable part of Christmas.

Eight years ago we moved out of our house on Eastview Dr. and we were ecstatic about making more Christmas memories at our new house. Five months before our first Christmas in our new house, we were forced to put Nutmeg to sleep. We had recently discovered that Nutmeg had cancer, and the pain was too excruciating for her to handle.

Now eight years later we have made many more Christmas memories. Our twelve foot pine tree is also covered with over a thousand twinkle lights and the same old silly ornaments. The tree is standing beside a burning fire in our old brick fireplace, and the mantle is now filled with over 15 nutcrackers. My dad, sister and I sit on the couch directly across from the tree, looking with fascination, when I lay my hand down and let it rest on the head of our new family dog, because he is sitting just below my feet.

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Then suddenly the entire house will begin to smell of nutmeg while my mom is cooking, and there isn't any one of us who doesn't think of our old dog Nutmeg at that moment. To this day anytime that I smell the spice nutmeg being used I am instantly reminded of my memories of Christmas time that while we were living in our house on Eastview Dr. sitting in front of the fire, with Nutmeg.

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