Free Essays on Homer's Odyssey - My World by Polyphemus

Free Essays on Homer's Odyssey - My World by Polyphemus

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Odyssey - My World by Polyphemus



      No mortal or immortal being could imagine the suffering and the humiliation I went through. Before that wretched day, I used to be a powerful immortal with a blessed god as my father. I had no fear for any gods, for we Cyclopians were strong and fierce. Now I am reduced to a weak and disable Cyclops. My eye, my only eye, was put out by a man. A man with the slyness and the shrewdness of a fox although lacking physical greatness. I had a hard time dealing with my blindness and I often swear to the gods that one day I will catch him and have him for dinner. The thought of his limbs and his blood in my mouth gives me great satisfaction until today. That happened ten years ago but my story of the encounter must be told.



      I was in my cave, when I first saw them. There were 13 of them all together. A man spoke up and identified themselves as Achaians from Troy who lost their way while traveling in the sea. He then threatened me with Zeus' name, hoping I would treat them well. I laughed scornfully at them and asked him where he moored his ship. He told me that it was wrecked by my father and that they were the only ones that survive. I was feeling very hungry at that time and those men aroused my appetite. I grabbed two of them and started to smash their brains out. I was determined to have them for supper. After an excellent meal, I soon fell asleep and was not awaken till the next day. The men were still there the next morning so I grabbed another two for breakfast.



      I went off to tend to my sheep and was wise enough to place the stone back to its position to prevent the men from escaping. I returned only in the evening. I drove all my flocks inside the cave for I wanted to keep my eye on them. After all the sheep had been milked, I felt weary and hungry. I chose another two men to satisfy my belly.

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The mortal, who spoke first, offered me delicious wine. He had hoped to escape his miserable death. The wine was heavenly. It tasted like the sweetest honey from the heavens. I made the mistake of demanding for more for I was terribly in love with its taste.



      I demanded more and promised the mortal that I would eat him last. I asked him for his name and was told that it was 'Noman'. The wine soon made me drowsy and the last thing I saw was the smiling face of 'Noman'. The next thing I could remember was the burning sensation in my eye. I screamed with pain and felt blood streaming out from my face. I removed the stick stuck to my eye and roared in such agony that other Cyclopians rushed to my cave. They asked me who had hurt me and I answered 'Noman', but they mistakenly thought that I was referring to no man. I could not see and I groped around my cave searching for those mortals who were guilty of blinding me. As my search was futile, I decided to remove the stone and sit outside to catch them as they tried to escape. I waited and waited but there was no sign of them.



      When dawn came, my sheep and rams were ready to go out to the pasture. I felt the top of each of them to prevent any man from escaping. Feeling nothing I allowed them to pass. One strange thing did occur. My biggest ram, which always came out first, came out last that day. I thought that the ram was ashamed of its master's humiliation and suspected nothing. After a while, I heard a man shouting from a distance. I immediately recognized the voice belonging to 'Noman' and my anger reached its peak. I gathered my strength and threw a large rock in the direction of his voice. He then went on to identify himself as Odysseus, the conqueror of Troy, the son of Laertes, whose address is in Ithaca. I tried to dupe him into thinking that I was truly sorry for my actions but he was wise enough not to listen to my plea. He then wished that he had killed me and sent me to hell.



      I raised my hand to the heavens and prayed to my father, Poseidon. I prayed that Odysseus would never reach his home in Ithaca and that if he ever did, he would be alone with all his companions lost. After that, I lifted another stone and threw it into the sea.



That is my sad story. I triumph in one area though. I heard that Odysseus returned home alone, sad, hungry, and all alone. May his life be filled with everlasting hardships.

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