Exploring CAFOD And Their Role

Exploring CAFOD And Their Role

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Exploring CAFOD And Their Role

CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. It is the
official overseas relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and
Wales. They support countries that have been abandoned by their
government (e.g. Sudan) or are suffering from the impacts of natural
disasters (e.g. hurricanes).

Hundreds of thousands of people campaign with CAFOD to confront the
policies that keep people poor. Campaigners do this by writing to
MP’s, attending peaceful protests, harassing government and important
bodies such as the European Union.

CAFOD offers suggestions for how the policies of governments,
businesses and important international bodies such as the World Bank
can have a constructive rather than harmful blow on poor communities.

When did CAFOD first begin its work?

Nassima* and her baby are refugees at Farshana refugee camp, which is run by CAFOD partners SECADEV, across the border from Sudan in Chad. [Fiona Callister]CAFOD
had its early stages in 1961. The National Board of Catholic Women
prepared a “Family Fast Day” due to an appeal from the people of the
Caribbean Island, Dominica, whom needed help with a baby health

One year later, CAFOD was officially set up in 1962 by the Catholic
Bishops of England and Wales. CAFOD has been fighting poverty in
developing countries (low or middle income) ever since its launch.

Why did CAFOD form & what were its aims?

CAFOD was set up to aid the already existing charitable efforts. They
hope to reduce poverty and give those countries in need the help they
require. Due to the kindness and dedication of the CAFOD team, the
organisation is making a huge difference in third world countries by
supplying them with food, shelter and compulsory tools to get through
their day to day activities.

During the period 2002/2003, CAFOD rose more than, an incredible, £30
million! £25 million of this money is used to buy essential items:
food, shelter, clothing, medical kits (etc) for poor countries. CAFOD
offers worldwide support throughout emergencies to over 60 countries

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and are part of over 1000 projects.

CAFOD does not judge a country by their race, nationality or
religion. They believe that all human beings should have a sufficient
amount of resources (as resources are seen as a gift from God) and
have the right be treated equally.

How does CAFOD help countries in need?

CAFOD raises money from twice yearly Fast Days, the United Kingdom
government, schools, youth groups, individual donors, The European
Union and parishes in England and Wales.

Using this money, CAFOD intends to support long term development and
provide funds for humanitarian relief. Many important factors are to:

* Defend poor neighborhoods and dispute with governments that
promote inequality.

* Supply people with the tools and knowledge they need so they can
help themselves in the future rather then relying on donations.

* Make the public aware of the causes of poverty and give them the
enthusiasm they need to confront the unfair policies and manner
that cause the discrimination.

* Aid during emergencies whether it be violent assaults or natural

What is CAFOD’s Christian believes?

CAFOD is a Catholic organisation that is faithful to Catholic teaching
and motivated by Christianity. CAFOD is inspired by the Gospel
teaching, e.g. Luke 4:18, which explains people should bring good news
to the poor.

CAFOD connect to the Gospel teachings by:

* Promoting the value of equality.

· Being concerned for poorer people and future generations to enable
everyone to develop evenly.

* Believing that we are all part of one family and should take our
actions without the thought of greed.

* Fighting for justice and what you believe in, ensuring there is no


Where do CAFOD work?


Within the last two years CAFOD has spent over £3,255,000 in Asia.
CAFOD works with many organisations in Asia for a mixture of reasons
ranging from: preventing waterborne disease, putting a stop to
conflict and providing food stock.

There are several main problems in Asia, one of them being the wide
spread of HIV and AIDS. It is estimated that over 700,000 new cases of
AIDS and HIV occur each year. This is all down to the inadequate and
unaffordable health care causing vulnerability to disease outbreaks.
The poor living conditions people are forced to live with (more then
80% of people living in Cambodia sleep in countryside’s) are also
triggers for disease.

[IMAGE]CAFOD works with: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam,
Sri Lanka, and The Philippines by responding to emergencies whenever
possible and making sure men & women are treated equally to prevent
conflict. CAFOD supplies Asia with edible food, clean water, reliable
health care and education.

Middle East

CAFOD works with many organisations in the Middle East for a mixture
of reasons ranging from: providing emergency assistance, giving
migrant workers rights and running day centres for children with

In the Middle East, CAFOD mainly works with: Lebanon to give people
civil rights, with Iraq to help people in poverty because of the two
previous gulf wars & in Palestinian grounds to improve the standard of

[IMAGE]CAFOD’s main priorities are to provide facilities for the
disabled, accommodate refugees by offering jobs, deliver clean water,
supply fresh food and rebuild houses for the homeless.


Africa (south of the Sahara) is the world’s poorest region. The life
expectancy is very low and many children die before they reach the age
of five. Over 50% of Africans live in severe poverty and one-third of
people live in hunger.

Africa’s poverty is linked with exploitation, namely:
invasion/domination of land and the slavery of hundreds of thousands
of Africans.

Unfair trade rules have caused Africa to fall in an even deeper hole
of debt, causing more tension between richer and poorer citizens.
CAFOD's has many key challenges in Africa. One of them is to make
allies between organisations to ensure that problems happening in one
location may be prevented in others. Another aim is to provide
services which should have been offered previously and are compulsory:
education, health care, reliable food supplies and pure water.
Diseases such as AIDS/HIV are widespread in Africa and CAFOD is
working to prevent outbreaks.

CAFOD is currently responding to disasters and trying to build peace
with the intention of putting a stop to conflict and any form of

Information about CAFOD’s employees/volunteers

CAFOD is committed to working in partnership with volunteers. Through
CAFOD’s regional offices, volunteers are recruited to work as Parish
Contacts or in schools, helping young people understand difficult
development issues. Volunteers are also recruited to campaign and to
get media coverage for CAFOD’s work locally.

Volunteer roles for CAFOD differ, for example, some people may create
presentations in schools about CAFOD’s overseas programmes, expressing
admiration for supporters and others may protest peacefully in the
streets about unfair trade rules.

The volunteers share their personal experiences and play an important
role to spread the work of CAFOD, making people understand the work in
the Catholic community of the region.
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